Statement on Internet and Forum Security

Statement on Internet and Forum Security

Postby Nightwatch on 24 May 2009 04:54

We emphasize our position in line and in recognition with the long established consensus of global websites operations and in respect to the letter and the spirit of international regulations in this regard that no individual who, either in the past or currently, has involved in "hacking practices" as certain practices such as illegal and unauthorized probing of websites and control-gain operations widely known so, or those who possess such knowledge which, if they wished to do so, could enable them to attack at will to any website whether those in which they might become members while their status remained unknown to the administrators, or to any other website globally, and/or might give way to the possibility to jeopardise the security of any websites, regardless of the plea whether such an outcome might be of intentional or of negligence on their part, whether knowingly or not, is not welcomed in

Administration takes the matter of Internet Security at the highest possible level of importance and dedicated to provide and safeguard the Global Safe Internet Browsing Rights for all user of the Internet.

Your cooperation is appreciated.
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