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RE Mod using XRAY SDK

Postby mwesten1 on 21 Jan 2012 12:48

Hi, my name is Andrew and i am looking for 3d modellers and texturer's to help me making a Resident evil mod using X-Ray SDK. I am working shortly with X-Ray SDK for few weeks but i know basics already. I do not need people skilled with X-ray SDK , although would be great to have you, i am just looking for 3D modellers who know how to work with maya or 3ds max. I am 3d modeller by myself only problem is that i am familiar with blender but modeling with 3ds max won't be a problem. I think that stalker's engine is great for resident evil mod. STalker engine was made to be "dead" i mean no great green trees or blue rivers or lots of grass and beautifull buildings. stalker is post apocaliptic engine and it fits to make what i want to. I can assure that there maybe won't be much to model since i plan to use as much meshes as CoP can give.

Thanks for your attention :)
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Re: RE Mod using XRAY SDK

Postby Nightwatch on 27 Jan 2012 18:10

Welcome to the forum, mwesten1, or, Andrew, as you've put down your name :mozilla_smile: It sure sounds like an interesting project, and you seem to have grasp to ropes in this path. However, in regard to your request, it is unfortunately a fact that in STALKER community -as it is in other gaming communities- there's a shortage of graphical designers. Only a handful around who can possibly manage in-game quality work, and those are currently either very busy up to their necks with their own mods and such, or taking some short breaks. :mozilla_smile: Still, I would be hopeful that one of them could in fact find himself at the position to be able offer their input soon. In such matters, answers do not come quickly as such works are generally very intensive works and people would like to see that they would really be able to do and finish the project once they've started. Again, very interesting concept, though.
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