Lets make a mod.

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Re: Lets make a mod.

Postby Kanyhalos on 04 Sep 2009 05:55

VINTAR wrote:
audioave10 wrote:EDIT: I am happy that Kany has wormed his way out of the land of WOW :thumbright:

Me too :D WoW is probably the worst game ever, it makes you a real droid and forcing you to buy the gamecard ](*,) =))
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Re: Lets make a mod.

Postby jamie1992 on 05 Sep 2009 14:06

Not if you use a private server. :)
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Re: Lets make a mod.

Postby yingxuy on 27 Dec 2011 03:18

Few of them really hard guy guarding the door, so nothing is in the dark do not want to second base in the valley. Then add some missions.
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