Accoustic Bass Guitar Mod

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Accoustic Bass Guitar Mod

Postby MeanderingBeing on 30 May 2010 05:48

So here's an idea:

I can model an Accoustic Bass Guitar... And I got loads of music on my HDD that's accoustic bass... or two part songs with a guitar and a bass...
So I ask: Is it possible to put an bass guitar in Stalker SoC, and is it possible to make it so stalkers can play TOGETHER? Like have one stalker playing guitar and/or singing, while another plays bass and/or sings? I could seperate tracks so we could do that (gotta love sampling software), and create an awesome collection of accoustic music from folk to metal! I just don't know how!!! Someone help me please!!! If it's at all possible!
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Re: Accoustic Bass Guitar Mod

Postby DARK TEMPLAR on 30 May 2010 16:35

Nice idea, unfortunatly i'm clueless. You could try and ask darius and some other ppl who know some related specifics.
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Re: Accoustic Bass Guitar Mod

Postby Nightwatch on 31 May 2010 00:16

Very interesting idea. Of course, then comes the implementation work. You can spawn two guitarist at the same camp, at the same time, one of them being given a "newly created graphics" of a bass-guitar. However, I can foresee two problems that needs to be verified in practice. One is that if Xray can manage to handle two instruments (I mean, two sound tracks) to be active at the same time, needs to be seen. It handles sound effects and the music, but two music tracks at the same time may be a different deal. I'm not that qualified in sound handling of Xray, so, yes people like Darius can be of very helpful. Drop him an email.
Also, the second thing is that, in order to make to end result in listenable quality (meaning that the music that is to be achieved from the combination of two guitars' sound tracks should compliment each other properly creating a musical tone, not a noise) then there needs to be a very precise timing control on their files. Well, this kind of timing, I'd believe would require someone with a good knowledge of such music routines. You know, like building a music from several tracks, timing thing. Very cil work.
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Re: Accoustic Bass Guitar Mod

Postby ket on 07 Jun 2010 00:53

This has been discussed before elsewhere. Ultimately the conclusion was its not possible :(
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