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Arms Match Suit Mod

Postby VINTAR on 17 Jan 2011 13:28

This mod makes your arms match the suit you are wearing.

Arms Match Suit Mod 2

here is version 2

All weapon data is now transfered.
Bolt arms now work.
New exo arms texture, although it is for different arms and looks a lil` weird, it better than the old one.
Mod is built on Stalker re-animation project.
Included Silent sid mod.

Mod Creators

Krag and Starter for their data update script
Krag and Starter for the exo arms texture
Storm Shadow State for Silent Sid

Please guys, there are bound to be some typos in all those new sections, so please post all errors in the discussion thread, thanks.

This patch will fix the issues with grenades and crashing in the arena.
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