Help getting these mods to work?

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Help getting these mods to work?

Postby Smac3223 on 25 May 2011 23:40

I cannot tell how much frustration I've had trying to get these things to work only to be greeted by that horrid bug crash report every attempt. I want to start a game with the following mods

Weather overhaul
Gun realism (Added damage, more life-like handling)

I tried the first two, got it to work, oddly it was at a lower resolution. I bumped it back up to 1920 x 1080 and it worked fine. I was able to walk around, accept missions, combat, anything. I quit the game to go find a weapon realism mod and installed one to see how it was. To my dismay the game crashed every time I tried to load my file. I looked up the files individually for that weapon realism mod and removed them all. Tried the game back up. Crash. With that I completely deleted the game. Uninstall and file clean up completely. I re-installed AMK and weather overhaul and now it's crash on startup.

If anyone could give me the run down of where I can find the latest versions of AMK and Weather Overhaul as well as a good Weapon realism mod that WORKS I'd really appreciate it. I played this game back when it first came out and don't really remember it that well. I really want to go through it again but I'm about ready to abandon ship if this doesn't start working.

Lastly don't know if it matters or not but I'm using the Steam version of SoC.
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Re: Help getting these mods to work?

Postby rockingmtranch on 26 May 2011 15:37

Have you tried one at a time? Will it run without any mods? That would help narrow down the problem.
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Re: Help getting these mods to work?

Postby ket on 17 Jun 2011 00:01

1. Cobbling mods together for stalker isn't a good idea. You need to be pretty adept at checking no mod files conflict.
2. Steam version of SoC has always been kinda a PITA to get mods working with.
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Re: Help getting these mods to work?

Postby Slendermang on 25 Jun 2012 05:52

If you're looking to merge mods check into DL'ing Winmerge I've made myself tons of Modpacks with it.
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Re: Help getting these mods to work?

Postby Nanban Jim on 22 Jan 2013 05:25

Belatedly, +1 on WinMerge. We use it at work to compare router configs.

(Actually I use Notepad++ with a Compare function due to licensing, but the results are nearly identical.)
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