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Postby Balious on 05 Jul 2009 20:30

I only heard of this game yesterday and thought it was quite good. I don't think anyone over here has heard of it or may not like it (feel free to prove me wrong) but if theres any wrestling fans here they may like this game.

Its basically a text based like game where you click on things. Well you can either be the owner or the head booker (doesn't make a diffierence for us but it does for the comps) and you can make events with lots of matches with who you want to be champion at any event. There are also mods that adds in other companies/promotions that arent in the game (WWE & TNA as the main ones).

As 2005 is free I would suggest downloading that one if you do want to try the game out (hey it may entertain you when your bored of everything else). I so far am playing it and enjoying it alot. So far im getting Cs in my events.

Heres the link to the site:
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