FLASHPOINT DRAGON RISING Exclusive Free levels available

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FLASHPOINT DRAGON RISING Exclusive Free levels available

Postby Nightwatch on 19 Oct 2009 23:54

I have noticed an email that was sent to me from Codemasters a few days back that gives a link and says that "there are new exclusive levels available for Unlocking from the website as long as your PC is tested OK to be able to play them.

This is the Link to FLASHPOINT Site:


It says on the email:
....Test your memory, analytical thinking, and multi-tasking in exclusive minigames on the official Dragon Rising website. Succeed, and you’ll be granted access to the following missions:

Control a Spec Ops team, and ambush a People’s Liberation Army campsite in the dead of night.

Set in a heavily forested area, move cautiously between tree cover, with the enemy fanning out and trying to flank at every opportunity. The mission will culminate in a fierce and atmospheric firefight, mixing long-range shooting and close quarters combat in and around the camp.

Set amongst the wreckage of an earlier vehicle engagement you must lead your fireteam through burnt-out tanks and APCs to engage superior numbers of PLA forces assaulting a strategically important position.

Mobility, cover, and the appropriate use of fully automatic weapons and grenades to suppress the enemy will be the tools to achieve success.
Mod Website= Features, Video, Tips & Download Link: NEWSA.SIMBION_Tweak

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Re: FLASHPOINT DRAGON RISING Exclusive Free levels available

Postby Balious on 20 Oct 2009 10:36

I actually got this email around last month or before. The mini games are too hard for me :mozilla_frown:

Has anyone here played the game? Two of my friends (jamie being one of them) have played it. Jamie said it was good but no where near as good as Arma 2. Saying it was arcade like. My other friend enjoyed it as well and said it was better then the Arma series.
I have seen reviews that try to put me off this game. They say it was like an arcade game nothing like the original.
What does everyone else think?
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Re: FLASHPOINT DRAGON RISING Exclusive Free levels available

Postby MeanderingBeing on 23 Oct 2009 04:03

I don't even know what this game is, but it sounds entertaining. I must seek out more information! B-)
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Re: FLASHPOINT DRAGON RISING Exclusive Free levels available

Postby jamie1992 on 30 Oct 2009 14:53

Game is shit don't touch it with a 10foot barge pole, download a pirate copy first as a try before you buy, if you like it, buy it, if not don't bother i did the above, deleted the download the very next day.
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