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Survival Crisis Z

Postby Balious on 24 Oct 2009 17:57

I was bored and Jamie told me about this game called Survival Crisis Z. Its said to be the best zombie survival game around. So I find it and I have to say its awesome!

Theres two modes, Story and Arcade. Arcade is the usual run around the city gunning down zombies to get points. Story however is like a real zombie survival. You have to search for food, sleep, and survive. There are three factions: Civillians (I call them that but they neutral in this case), Rebels and SWAT. Basically SWAT were sent in and were lied to so they decided to save themselves causing lots of civs to be angry hence the Rebel faction. You get to pick who to be, what class and all that stuff. The game is quite well done.

But thats not the best thing! The best thing is! ITS FREE!:

Just click on Survival Crisis Z and it download. Be warned zombies jump out of windows on this game.

Heres a video of the gameplay:
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