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Call of Duty Series

Postby Balious on 11 Nov 2009 13:11

Has anyone played these games?

After reading reviews of the new COD Modern Warfare 2. As I have feared from there being no dedicated servers and capped at 9v9 the game truly is crap. I would suggest avoiding this game as it seems worse as Far Cry 2. Perhaps even worse. This is from reviews I have read though from PC gamers.

The series is dying. There is only 2 great COD games and one good one. Those are 1, 2 and 4.

What does everyone else think? Has anyone tried Modern Warfare 2?
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Re: Call of Duty Series

Postby rockingmtranch on 13 Nov 2009 04:40

I still have yet to get COD 2 :ymblushing:
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Re: Call of Duty Series

Postby Nightwatch on 15 Nov 2009 20:00

There are absolutely atrocious reviews on had been thinking to get it but now I'm not so sure and certainly not over enthusiastic to rush and buy it. First, I think I'd like to hear from the guys here who (if) will play it , even as a test drive.

Some reviews on ... 866&sr=8-4

Also it's said that: The PC version will be on-line activation ONLY. This means that unlike the console games. There will be no ability to trade in your game, once you have finished playing it you cannot simply take it to Game and sell it pre-owned.

Particularly one review says:
Quoting from a reviewer named G. Prytherch:

The single player campaign feels exactly like MW did, there is no innovation. The UI feels like a carbon copy of MW, the text and the way-point system look the same in both games. Single Player is nothing more than a glorified map pack for MW. The graphics look the same in both games with some minor improvements.
The game also gives a giant middle finger to the PC modding community as IWNet will not support mods at all. Some of the modded content that provided some MW players with an incentive to keep playing. The game will also support the VAC2 anti cheat system. This cheat system has not only proved ineffective at banning cheaters when it matters most
The PC version is nothing more than a straight port. Because the XBOX will only support 9v9 maps, we have to put up with the 9v9 maps. Some people play the PC version for the 64 man kill-fests but this will be a thing of the past because an outdated machine dictates what the most up to date rigs play. The IW developer thinks that things like mouse control, text chat and ability to adjust graphical settings. I have played games that were made before this millennium that support all those. The features are not only expected in a PC game but demand it. Also, classics such as the developer console will not be supported. FOV will not able to be changed, nor will developer console tinkering be possible.

Other review headlines range as:

--Finished With it... lag perk unlocked!,
--Disappointment of the year,
--No Dedicated servers = crappy online,
--Another Typical COD - Not That Good
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Re: Call of Duty Series

Postby Balious on 15 Nov 2009 20:26

I heard you need steam to activate the game but im not 100% sure about that. But as you said online activation only then it most likely it is Steam that is used.

I also read on the infinity ward forums that the multiplayer of mw2 has been cracked. Meaning pirated versions can play it. And there is no kick option in servers meaning if theres a hacker say goodbye to getting rid of him/her and having a good game.
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