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Aliens vs Predator Series

Postby Balious on 20 Jan 2010 20:29

I guess this can include the single Aliens games and Predator games as well.

I just pre-ordered the new AVP on steam for £25 and it gave me Universe at War with it for free. Of course im not expecting many of you here to get AVP as I heard you need to activate it on steam if you buy the retail copy.

Anyone looking forward to the game? I loved the second AVP and hoping this one can beat it.
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Re: Aliens vs Predator Series

Postby MeanderingBeing on 21 Jan 2010 07:08

The new release of AvP and MechWarrior 3015 are the two games that on my wishlist for this year... they look, how we say? awesome!
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