Alpha Protocol: Tough (and sexy) Spy-RPG -with friendly DRM

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Alpha Protocol: Tough (and sexy) Spy-RPG -with friendly DRM

Postby Nightwatch on 09 May 2010 16:20

The much anticipated and talked about game The Alpha Protocol, a though, moody espionage-RPG which also features rather "romantic" moves, decisions and scenes are about to hit shelves around world. The game boasts versatile and wide-ranging gameplay options, a lot of choices and also, of course, a lot of shiny weapons, too.
The CVG site, one of the gaming industry's most influential websites, has featured a series of previews of the game. On one of those, CVG chooses to define the game as: "In Alpha Protocol, your biggest weapon may be choice, but as any serious super spy will tell you, it doesn't hurt to back up your choices with a locker full of deadly firepower. Fortunately Michael Thorton, Alpha Protocol's protagonist, doesn't just rely on silky smooth seduction skills, gadget mania or stealthy lurking about in the shadows, but can draw on a veritable arsenal of destruction every bit as impressive as any Bourne or Bond." And it continues to say in a further preview: "We've already considered armed conflict, stealth and gadgets as essential parts of the super spy's armoury, but there's one more vital component which no successful operative can ignore and that's the language d'amour; or to put it another way, the ability to sweet talk the laydeez into giving you just what you require.

Perhaps you need to ahem pump them for information, maybe you need to convert them to your cause, or possibly you need to seduce them to secure practical benefits like the weapons or muscle at their disposal. Many of Alpha Protocol's most intriguing encounters are based on how well you do with the fairer sex and the choices that open up for you in game."

Two of those aforementioned previews can be read in full here: ... ?id=244254
and here: ... ?id=245611
The pages also provide links to further previews of the game on various other aspects.

    And...The DRM

The Alpha Protocol features a very user friendly DRM from SEGA, which is almost a breath of fresh air particularly in comparison with that Ubisoft's (among other things) abominable, appalling and objectionable DRM, (against which, I myself have joined the calls for boycott.)

SEGA's Alpha Protocol DRM entails a single online activation process with your serial number (much like it happens with many of the software) and then you will not have to stay connected to the internet. You can install the the game on up to 5 computers at any one time with the same license key; and although the number of computers on which the game can be installed at the same time is limited to 5, you can still install the on unlimited number of computers over the life of the product (which means until either you stop playing the game or it as a DVD physically deteriorates)

SEGA on its SEGA.USA Blog describes the functions as such:
"The system chosen for Alpha Protocol is Uniloc: SoftAnchor. The system will allow the user to activate Alpha Protocol online immediately out of the box and once activated the user never needs to worry about activating again. The activation can be used on a limited amount of PCs, and can be deactivated through our online servers allowing the user full control over their license – should they need to re-install, swap machines or suffer a catastrophic hardware failure on their normal PC.

In the future, SEGA will be releasing an unprotected patch of the game to alleviate any fears of not being able to play the game when the Uniloc servers won’t be around anymore.

We also do not use Steamworks – the Steam released version will use Uniloc DRM."

So SEGA also promises that in the future they will remove this protection, too. It's also understood that the game will not require that the disk should in the drive bay during the gameplay, though it's not absolutely certain yet if this feature will be implemented on all markets around the globe.

Read the full explanation from SEGA and the FAQs on the subject here: ... otocol-drm
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Re: Alpha Protocol: Tough (and sexy) Spy-RPG -with friendly DRM

Postby audioave10 on 09 May 2010 17:53

That sounds very good. Now, if only the game can actually be better than a poor console port. Hopeful...... :-?
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Re: Alpha Protocol: Tough (and sexy) Spy-RPG -with friendly DRM

Postby shift3r on 06 Jul 2010 05:13

i balked at this one because i don't have the time for it immediately and i don't trust it! i do need a stealth, or RPG, or even RTS injection but unfortunately my picks over the last year have sucked :(
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