hi all

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hi all

Postby 420Lestat on 16 Jan 2009 01:34

hi all' i'm new to this forum and the game we all play. Stalker Clear Sky is the one i have, after i've saw some screenshots about the game....i decided to buy the game and hook to it.........lol. hope to find good advise and some walktrought here too.
cya soon
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Re: hi all

Postby busetibi on 16 Jan 2009 12:30

Hi 420Lestat :D
welcome to the forums :thumbright:
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Re: hi all

Postby DARK TEMPLAR on 16 Jan 2009 14:10

HI aswell , advice is good around here as most of here are neckdeep in stalker and there are some good modders here aswell.

Oh and btw, nice name you have there, hows the last couple of centuries been?
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Re: hi all

Postby ket on 16 Jan 2009 14:40

My neck and head vanished into the boggy swamps of the zone some time ago..
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Re: hi all

Postby audioave10 on 16 Jan 2009 17:27

Welcome to this forum and if you said you only have "Clear Sky" so
far, you are in luck. After that you MUST get "Shadow of Chernobyl!
It will freak you out with the most immersive and scary gameplay
ever developed. Plus, there are many mods (small & large) to try.
Happy Zoneing! :mozilla_smile:
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Re: hi all

Postby dke58 on 17 Jan 2009 01:59

hi there 420lestat,

pretty sure can speak for everyone here by saying we played thru S.O.C. then CS ie Release order, which means CS was measured up against the S.O.C. we all got hooked on/lost in.
But you get to experience the zone in chronological order !
will be very interested in how you find it playing thru that way and which episode you prefer, and why.
at end of day both really good games (i made a point of not reading any forum posts about opinions on CS so could get the most out of it), seems some folks expect miracles from games these days. and just think that 20 years ago games like Pacman got called cutting edge !.

so, enjoy the zone, good hunting stalker.

ps- to add to the chronology of the zone you could play ClearSky, S.O.C. and then the Priboi mod (set year after S.O.C.) for that full 3 year tour of duty feeling.
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