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Re: Judgement call needed

Postby Nightwatch on 27 Feb 2009 14:16

What NatVac says goes to the heart of all man/woman relations. It's a great mistake not to take note of it, yet it's so easy to fail in it (just as NatVac points out) the emotions that you may call love blind one.

As they say: "when love comes to one's mind, mind takes its summer holiday"

(And I'd like to note that about 99 percent cases, people do address their sexual attraction to the other party with a much nicer sounding word of "love," and the more difficult to achieve the target, the more stubborn and -in some cases- more delirious the affected party becomes. Best examples of the stories of this symptom can be seen in Italian Operas :D ...but, with not very funny results.
Also, check how Antonius ran after capriciously retreating Cleopatra, abandoning his armada in the middle of a naval battle, the result of which cost him his empire)

It's difficult to make guides as if in way "one fits all," but, still, I'd say that I've seen capricious woman and -like it or not- that's true that prettier they get, they usually get more so. And it's even fun to deal with it within reason as long as the woman plays it good, which would take a clever woman. It's also true that, prettier they get, the men around would inevitably notice them more, and they would try everything to get her attention (that's even they are scared the shit of you) and they wait for the woman to respond to their advances and the woman who has a real interest and respect in you, would always brush such attempts of advances aside politely.
(I will not enter the subject of what could happen to those who push their luck too much; that's entirely a different matter)

But if a woman starts responding to those advances (flirtations), let alone she becomes the initiator of those, then the relation ceases to exist there, then the answer comes: "Nice knowing you baby." (even if one doesn't say it there, and closes his mind not to say it, it's already been said)
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Re: Judgement call needed

Postby ket on 27 Feb 2009 14:52

Don't worry guys, I'm very aware of all those facts.. to say I love her isnt exactly accurate, like her yes, love her? Thats something only time will tell in. Right now I'm just trying to help her sort her head out (which is actually going ok). Bal may have a point, I went through a whole year or more saying I didn't like Jems enough to bed her (mainly cos I like to get to know a girl, and at the time she had.. shall we say a "reputation") Now it seems like Jems is going through something similar to what I did. I also we can say have a "reputation". So to start with, it was my caution because of her "reputation", now it seems like shes feeling me out due to my "reputation".
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