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Postby Balious on 16 Aug 2009 15:14

Once again I be taking any valuable time you have to read my thread of stories :D

This time I made a future one called Wargate. Still planning most of it but I have some kind of prologue to post up. Here it is:

The year was 4070. It has been ten years since Earth had become a wasteland. It was abandoned to search for new planets by many people. A few have decided to stay not wanting to leave their home world. Now people have travelled around the universe finding suitable planets and stations to live on. A few people returned to Earth to find out what happened to the others but could see no sign of them. With no leaders a man named Yurik Valentine stepped up as emperor and took control. He built up an empire in just two months. He ordered for outposts to be made on Earth with scientists to find out what happened to the other people.

There had been many catacombs on different planets each explaining the history of some ancient war that is still happening. And to the shock of the humans they must take part in it if they want to survive. After finding out about this the emperor asked many people to volunteer into an army big enough to defend the humans against these aliens. But they also found out that it was just races vs. races. It was a big universe war that humans have appeared to be in before. And there wasn’t just one human army there were lots fighting each other among the other aliens as well. All aliens, machines, elves, humans and other races have spread across the universe as they all lived on different planets together. But still the war continues with everyone fighting for survival.

Many different types of groups were made. Some have different types of races in it while others only have one.

Will this never ending war end and what happened to the people on Earth? The questions keep piling up and there are no answers.

I may expand the groups part with each different type but names are hard right now to think of. Wargate has ideas from lots of different things such as deadspace, mercenaries, jagged alliance, final fantasy, metroid, mass effect, star wars, stargate and other sci-fi things. It will mainly be about a mercernary group who are sent to a space station investigating. But there be many more things like whats going on at Earth and reports from the war. The mercs will also be part of the war.
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Re: Wargate

Postby Balious on 22 Aug 2009 19:48

Chapter One
It had been many years since Gary and Ben been on Tylon. Gary Morgan watched as they got into orbit around the planet.
“T-minus eight minutes before landing sequence begins” A female voice said coming from the speakers. During those many years Gary had missed his wife. She had died not long before they left due to a heart attack. Gary put the thoughts aside. There was no more time to think about her, only their son Ben. Gary heard the sound of a door opening and he turned around to be greeted by three men. One was a young light skinned man in their twenties with long black hair and stubble facial hair. That was Logan. He was wearing a black vest with black jeans and a black jacket. The next man was lightly tanned skinned and is in his mid thirties who had short brown hair and a clean face. That was Harry. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a blue jacket and dark blue jeans. The last man was in his late twenties and was dark skinned. That was Joseph. He was wearing a green jacket over his dark t-shirt and green trousers. Gary nodded towards them and turned back round to look at Tylon.
“Gary, you miss her a lot don’t you?” Joseph said. Walking besides him. Gary nodded. Harry put his hand on Gary’s soldier.
“I understand how you feel but try and stay focus on the mission okay?” Harris said. Joseph gave a disappointing look to Harry.
“We all know about the mission but…”
“Someone would like to speak with Joseph” The female voice came out again and said.
“I got to go see what’s up now. You three get ready for the mission” Joseph said. He walked towards the door he came out of last time and left.
“Better do what he says. Otherwise he may deduct our pay.” Logan said. Harry nodded and walked out of another door along with Logan. Gary thought about when he joined the mercenary group Phoenix Legion. The current leader being Joseph himself; he treated all the crew like they were his family. There were currently twelve members in the group. Gary wondered where Joseph got the name for the group and was meaning to ask him in the future.
“Guess I better get ready” Gary said and walked through the same door as Logan and Harry.

Joseph walked through a double electronic door and was at the bridge. He walked towards the captain’s chair and sat in it. He looked around and no one was present. He sighed.
“Computer where is Jessica?” Joseph asked. There was silence for a few seconds but then a female voice spoke.
“She is currently getting ready for the mission, said she had something important to get ready” The voice said. Joseph sighed yet again. She always held secrets and revealed them at the end. Joseph wondered why nothing ever goes his way with the crew. Even the computer hides things from him. “Would you like to speak with LOTOX?” The computer said. Joseph stared at the monitor in front of him watching all kinds of codes going across the screen.
“Sure why not Kara, no harm in updating them of the mission.” Joseph said. There was a slight click noise and the codes from the screen vanished and a video with a man and woman sitting in chairs. “Ah good to see you again LOTOX.” Joseph said. He looked closely at the two people. The man was wearing a brown coat and a black vest and was wearing black sunglasses while the woman was wearing a shirt and black coat and is wearing glasses.
“Get to the point what is the current situation?” The man said.
“We just started to orbit Tylon now. The mission should be completed by the end of the day.” Joseph said. The man nodded in agreement.
“Tell me Joseph, how are you planning on completing this mission?” The woman asked. Joseph looked towards the woman sitting in the chair. She was smiling with her arms folded.
“I do not reveal any details until after the mission is over, unless you’re planning on paying extra Excella.” Joseph said. The man laughed.
“After this mission is over you get much more then you thought you get” Excella said. “Just make sure you finish the mission.” Before Joseph could speak again the screen turned black.
“Damn.” He said. Kara’s voice came back.
“T-minus two minutes before landing sequence begins” She said. Joseph got off his chair and walked towards the armoury to get ready.

Ben Morgan watched as the others got ready for the mission. He was excited as it was his first real mission. He was already wearing the black exoskeleton suit. He saw all the others putting on the same suit.
“Ben don’t just watch us go get your weapons.” A man said. Ben nodded and walked through a door and was in a room full of different types of weapons. There were machineguns, shotguns, different types of handguns and even flamethrowers. He looked around the room looking at all the weapons and noticed more different types further ahead. He was about to check when he heard the door into the armoury opening.
“Everyone grab your weapons and meet in the briefing room.” Joseph said. The door to the weapons room was opening and the members were grabbing their guns. He saw Harry grab an AK47 and also saw Logan grab a shotgun. Ben didn’t know the types of shotguns so couldn’t tell what one it was. He saw Gary pick up an AK47 as well. Ben picked up an AK47, a few grenades and a Glock 19. He followed the others out of the room not looking behind to see what the other members picked up. He loved being with the group but is sad to see Tylon again. They entered a big room full of chairs scattered around the place. Everyone in the room took a seat slowly. Ben noticed each seat had a seatbelt and saw everyone doing them up. He decided to do the same. He saw Joseph enter the room and sit on a chair in front strapping himself in. The whole ship begun to shake rapidly.
“Beginning landing sequence” Kara said. Everyone looked straight at Joseph.
“I don’t have time to discuss the plan after we land so I am doing it now.” He said. Everyone nodded. “We will be infiltrating one of the reactors in Gordol under the rebel terrorist group Valit. We are to let no one know who we really are. This is a complete top secret mission. Only two people know we are on this mission. If we are caught it is not good. And we are going to be sent a few rebels and blame it on them. Now you all know what we are going to do in the reactor right?” Joseph said. Everyone nodded. “I will remind everyone anyway. Three people will stay and explore the city getting the supplies we need just in case the mission fails. The rest of us will infiltrate the reactor. We will get there through a private train that will be arriving outside of it. Here we will split up. One group will stay and guard the train in case people get curious and check it out. Another group will go off and cut off anyone entering the reactor. The last two groups will enter the reactor and split up attempting to blow it up. We must have the helmets on so no one can see our faces; this is the most important part. If they suspect it’s us then its over and we don’t get paid; Even if the reactor gets blown up.” Joseph said again. Everyone nodded. “Good, Kara how long till we land completely?” He said. Kara’s voice filled the room.
“Any second” She said. All the shaking got worse then it was gone. Ben looked towards the window and saw the outskirts of the city. They were home.
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Re: Wargate

Postby Balious on 11 Sep 2009 15:11

Im a little clueless at thinking of alien names and such.

I have only thought of one alien army but its nameless. They spider like creatures with a humanlike body at the top. A spider version of the centaur.

Anyone able to help here with ideas?
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Re: Wargate

Postby Nightwatch on 12 Sep 2009 00:01

Check internet on "ancient middle asian names" they sound interesting. Many film companies use such searches.

That creature idea is a nice one. If I come up with something, I'll post it. :)
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Re: Wargate

Postby Balious on 12 Sep 2009 21:22

Thanks nightwatch.

Haven't typed that in but I have a look soon. For another army race I was thinking along the lines of trolls/orcs/goblins. For most fantasy types they always around. But I can't think of a description as it may sound too much the same as the one in warhammer 40k.

Also if anyone know any good quotes I could alter and put in my stories? I have a list of famous quotes differen people will say. Perhaps some be repeated.

Chapter 2 is coming soon.
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Re: Wargate

Postby Balious on 13 Sep 2009 00:09

Chapter Two
Everyone had got ready for the mission and gone off their separate ways. Jessica watched them all leave then turned around to see her two comrades she was left with. One of them was wearing a green military suit and had black hair and purple eyes. She thought that was weird but it proved that the mutation project was actually real. The other one was also wearing a green military suit and had blonde hair. His eyes were gold colour. Again she wondered how the company Talix could make such a project and test it on people. After some thinking she decided it was time to get some supplies.
“Jack.” She said to the blonde haired man. “Go get some food and water supplies.” She said. Jack nodded and checked to see if he had the right amount of credits on him. After checking he started to walk off. “We will meet back here in a few hours!” Jessica said again. Jack waved his arm and was off. Jessica turned her attention to the other young man. “You go off and find some more ammunition for the weapons. Also bring back more future weapons. We are going to need to catch up with everyone else out there in technology. Do you have enough credits for this?” The young man put his hand into his pocket and revealed a wallet. He opened it up pulled out some kind of PDA. He turned it on and after looking at it for a minute he nodded. “Okay good now go. We meet back in a few hours.” Jessica said. He started walking off into the distance but spoke before he was out of ear shot.
“Names David.” He said. And he disappeared off into the distance. Jessica watched him go then got her own supplies ready for the trip into the city. The ship needed a new engine if they were to fly again. She hadn’t told the captain but the engine got damaged during the landing sequence. She walked into the ship checking for things she may have missed. “Kara you will be looking after the ship right? The captain wouldn’t be happy if we were stuck on this planet alone.” Jessica said. A slight humming sound was heard and then Kara’s voice played.
“I will look after the ship. Activate security mode.” She said. Jessica walked out again and set off to look for an engine.

Logan was sitting on the train holding onto his shotgun, Jackhammer. That was the shotguns name. He had it fully loaded. He looked up and saw Ben and Gary sitting opposite each other; Ben was looking out the window. Logan smiled; Ben was only nineteen and is still acting like a little child.
“Cool!” Ben said. Gary noticed Logan watching and turned his attention to Ben.
“Ben this is important. Concentrate on the mission nothing else. The squad and mission come first.” Gary said. Ben looked at Gary and nodded. He looked at his AK47 and started loading it. “I go see what the situation is like, you stay here.” Gary said again. Without looking up at Gary again Ben spoke.
“Alright, don’t be long we should be there soon” He said. Logan was caught off guard by that. A strange kid indeed. He stood up at the same time as Gary.
“I come with you.” Logan said. Gary nodded and led them through the cart to another one. This one was pretty dirty. For a train owned by a rich company this wasn’t what Logan would expect to see. It seems the thugs around the area seem to have been in here and messed it up. A few members were sitting throughout the cart. “Anyone know where Joseph is at?” Logan said. No one replied but one person turned around and replied back.
“I think he is near the front of the train.” The man said. Logan nodded and walked towards the other end of the cart when he noticed a strange smell.
“You guys have to sit in here smelling all of this?” Logan said. He looked at the guy that spoke before and he simply nodded. Logan turned to Gary who just shrugged. They walked through a few more carts all going from different styles of being a dirty place full of random junk items, a clean place with everything neat and spotless and a place with no lights on. After walking through that last cart Gary stopped.
“Damn what’s with this damn train?” Gary said. Logan nodded in return. They were now in a luggage cart. They walked slowly over the luggage thrown everywhere. Logan wondered how Joseph got access to this train. “Joseph should hopefully be in the next cart.” Gary said. Logan nodded and they walked to the last door. Just as they were about to open it the door they came out of last time opened. They turned around to see an old man. He was wearing a grey robe; he had white hair and a long grey beard. He slowly stumbled towards them.
“Hey! You!” He said. He sounded very drunk. “Where’s your gang leader? I need to… See him about… My pay…” Gary and Logan looked at each other.
“Gang leader? We are not a gang” Logan said. The old man looked at them in an odd way and continued to walk very slowly towards them.
“Don’t play dumb with me! I know who you thugs are! You can’t trick me!” He carried on saying. Logan thought to himself. Did these exoskeleton suits really make them look like thieves? “Where is your leader?!” The old man carried on saying.
“Who the hell is this man? We better get through the door and tell Joseph about this.” Gary whispered to Logan.
“Yeah… Before he starts throwing a fit all over the place.” Logan whispered back. They opened the door behind them and walked through it into what looked like a living room.
“What the hell?” Gary said. There was carpet on the floor. A dark red colour and it also had brown leather couch and a wall that has a big TV screen like in cinemas. They saw Joseph sitting down with a blonde haired woman called Linda looking at the TV. As they looked closer to the TV they noticed it was a map of the city along with the reactor and the route they taking. Joseph noticed them standing by the open door.
“What is it?” He asked. Gary replied first.
“Before we get to that there’s some old man out here asking us where our gang leader is.” Gary said. Joseph nodded. He got off the couch and walked pass them through the door into the luggage cart. They turned to see what he would plan on doing.
“Who the hell are you? You’re… A complete… Trash! HAHAHAHA! I SAID IT! A COMPLETE TRASH!” The old man said. Joseph stared at the old man. “What? You want… A piece… of me? Well… Bring… It on…” He said. He threw the bottle he was carrying at Joseph but it didn’t reach him as it went straight onto the floor in front of him.
“Seems your aiming is a little off. You do no good in a battle.” Joseph said. The old man stared at Joseph and started yelling and running at him throws his fists in the air.
“I show you punk! Mess… With me!” The old man yelled. He was almost within distance of punching Joseph but Joseph reacted fast dropping him to the floor pinning his hands onto the floor.
“We are not thugs. We are trained mercenaries here to do a job nothing more. If you would like to calm down and go back to where you came from things will be a lot easier.” Joseph said. The old man spitted into Josephs face. A rage went off Joseph as he punched the old man in the face making his dirty face full of bruises and blood started appearing. Joseph stopped and got off the old man. He was knocked out cold. “So what did you want to see me about?” Joseph asked. Gary walked into the luggage cart admiring what Joseph just did.
“It’s about our current status. I would actually like to know why there is barely anyone on this train and how such a rich company like National Rail Corporation treat a train like this really badly.” Gary said. Joseph could tell the same question was forming into Logan’s mind.
“Linda do you ask the same?” Joseph said. Linda nodded behind Logan. Joseph sighed. “There’s no time to explain now but I will when we finished it and away from this planet okay? And I will address this to the whole group. But for now just concentrate on the mission. The reactor is just straight ahead.” He continued to say.
“How long?” Logan asked. Linda spoke this time.
“About six minutes.” She said. Logan nodded and started walking back. Gary watched Joseph and Linda for a moment longer and followed Logan. They walked over the unconscious old man and back to where they were before. When they walked in Ben was still sitting down but the rest of the cart was empty.
“How did it go?” Ben asked watching them close the door behind them. Gary spoke as he slowly walked towards Ben.
“He brief us on what’s with the train after we off this planet. We have about five minutes now before we in the reactor.” After Gary finished speaking Ben nodded and put his AK47 over his shoulder. They were ready.

Harry had been sleeping on the train waiting to arrive at the reactor. The other members around him had been speaking about the mission quietly wondering who gave Joseph the mission and why did he accept it. Harry was half-asleep and happened to listen in on the conversation.
“We could end up all over the news! We will be famous criminals!” One guy said. Another person cut him off.
“Quiet. This is a secret remember. We will not be on the news otherwise say goodbye to the money and hello jail cell if they even lock people up.” The other person said. Harry slowly opened his eyes rubbing them trying to get rid of the sleep.
“But this is all damn exciting! Don’t you want to be famous?” The first guy spoke again. The second person sighed. Harry was now concentrating on preparing for the mission. They should arrive at the reactor in a few minutes and he wanted everyone to be prepared.
“Alright enough chatter you lot! Get ready we are almost there! And Kevin, speak like that again and I be sure that you won’t be getting any money. Things work differently on this planet to what we normally see.” Harry said. The first person nodded and prepared to get ready. Harry turned to the second person. “Andrew everything set?” Harry asked. Andrew nodded. “Good, now…” Harry was cut off as an alarm sounded.
“Warning, unauthorised people onboard. Warning, unauthorised people onboard.” A woman’s voice rang out through the alarm. The whole cart is glowing red from the alarm light.
“What the hell? I thought this was dealt with.” Harry said. He picked up his AK47 and made sure it was fully loaded and proceeded to the door. The others followed closely behind. “The mission begins” Harry said.

Joseph rushed to his feet when the alarm went off. Linda stood up shortly after. Joseph thought why a mission couldn’t go in their favour for a change. He sighed.
“Come on Linda we got work to do.” Joseph said. Linda nodded and followed him towards the door putting her helmet on. The train was slowly stopping as the reactor came into sight. Joseph pushed a button on the communications device on his hand and put it to his mouth. “Is everyone ready?” He asked. One by one different voices were heard saying they were in position. Joseph smiled. “Good, the mission begins now!” The train finally stopped at the reactor. Through the window Joseph could see a few guards standing on the platform with guns in their hands ready. The doors slowly automatically opened.
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