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Immune To Drink

Postby jamie1992 on 22 Feb 2009 15:30

Is it possible, not i dont hardly ever drink, but lets say, i had alot last night, and i havent even been affect at all

2 litre bottle of Smirnoff plus another small bottle (37.5%)
2 bottles of WKD (big ones, 5% ish?)
2 bottles of Brezzer (Small ones, 4%?)

Anyone all mixed etc, hadnt eaten for ages so nothing to soak up the drink, i was expecting to get off my face with mainly the smirnoff, but i wasnt affect at all, its really strange, was slightly tipsy, but no hangover, no drunkness nothing, is it me, or am i immune to large amounts of drink? #-o
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Re: Immune To Drink

Postby DARK TEMPLAR on 22 Feb 2009 15:51

You were lucky, some people skip the drunken part and go straight to the hangover, other are drunk trhoughout the weekend and then on monday comes the hangover (hence monday morning hangover)
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Re: Immune To Drink

Postby EggChen on 22 Feb 2009 17:45

jamie1992 wrote:2 litre bottle of Smirnoff plus another small bottle (37.5%)

A 2 litre bottle of Smirnoff? Are you absolutely sure? Are we talking Smirnoff Vodka or a mixed drink or something.... As far as I know bottles of Vodka don't normally come in 2 litres, but mixed drinks do (like Smirnoff Ice), in which case they are not 37.5%, more like 5-10%. Or did you mean the small bottle only was 37.5%? Not being funny with you, just not sure what you meant by that line exactly.

As to your question, drink affects people in different ways. Example, you may not have eaten, but if you were active throughout the night, you would burn through a lot of the effects faster than you drank... There are a lot of factors....

- Exercise - Dancing or performing "other energetic activities" while/inbetween drinking?
- Your body mass - The more you have, generally the more alcohol needed to cause effect.
- Time - You mention "last night" but 4 hours or 8? If the drinking period was long, the effect would be less.
- Other drink/food? - Drinking water or anything else in between will lessen the effect.

I personally get drunk, but level off at a very drunk but not unconscious phase, probably because I slow my drinking down without realising it. The main thing I aim for is to have fun, enjoy the company, but not wake up the next morning regretting something I did or said. I went through all of that when I was young.

Finally, aren't you under 18 Jay?? Tut-tut :p
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Re: Immune To Drink

Postby ket on 23 Feb 2009 23:48

I am completely law-abiding and have never sent J a bottle of Russian Standard :-"
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Re: Immune To Drink

Postby nandersen on 02 Mar 2009 06:52

DARK TEMPLAR wrote:You were lucky, some people skip the drunken part and go straight to the hangover, other are drunk trhoughout the weekend and then on monday comes the hangover (hence monday morning hangover)

while others lose their consciousness, stop breathing and die.

Indeed, you must be lucly ;)
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Re: Immune To Drink

Postby Kaidonni on 07 Mar 2009 14:22

There is damage to your liver to consider. Even if you don't feel affected directly, there is still unseen damage. That's why it is sort of a myth that drinking while eating doesn't cause harm. Usually, the alcohol is mixed in with the food, soaked up, so the effects don't seem to be so severe. However, I remember a documentary that mentioned the drinking habits in France, and that they still had problems with sclerosis (sp?) of the liver even though they prefer to drink with a meal. Basically, they were still drinking large amounts of alcohol, and it was still reaching their liver and causing damage. They just didn't feel drunk, that's all. Appearances can be deceptive. I wouldn't say you are necessarily lucky. One has to be careful about alcohol.

Mind you, I've never been drunk, but I have my own problems to deal with. Dispepsia (trapped wind, making me feel sick and bloated). Add that and wine together and, well...I remember my 20th birthday. Had a few glasses of wine, didn't get affected. Then over-heated in bed and woke up feeling ever so sick. I had to burp myself to feel better, to untrap the wind, and the taste... So, really, drunkeness is not necessarily the only effect of alcohol. There are other effects.

I now ensure I don't end up in the same situation as before. Plus I never plan to get drunk, either. I'm one of those people who has never been drunk, but hasn't needed to be to learn any lessons one might from such an experience.
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