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Postby Nightwatch on 05 Feb 2010 13:35

:D :D
In this post '70s Rock/new-Renaissance age, the "age" of a person, as once known , is nothing than a mere number that one carries in their pocket. The "real age" is what and how you are and feel! (as you see, wisdom is dripping from me, lol :D )
There are a lot of 20-year olds who have little interest in the world racing around them, while there are a lot of 50s man (and woman) who could just kick this 20-year-old through the goal-posts in that matter !! :mozilla_wink:
People also feel much better nowadays, as far as health goes, than the generations of the turn of the 20th century (better eating and improved/modern health care is a very good factor in this, too) There are a lot of 50-like guys who are still in Special Ops and many others work even as mercenaries around the world; I wonder how many people would like to take their chances against them?
Well, we see that, the so-called "age" is more of a "state-of-the-mind" nowadays and depends on how one sees and manages themselves mentally, -meaning how one connects with the world around them.

For example, I still listen to (and enjoy) Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Chilly Peppers and alike, (alongside some select classical pieces and real artists like Sheryl Crow) and would like to get part in the Le Mans as soon as a chance (financial sponsorship, and such) pops up. It may happen or not, or for whatever reason I may give up at that time when a more important thing to race after comes up (like a beautiful woman :) lol ) but it means that I still "feel" like I'm 20-something.

As they now say in Hollywood: "Today's 50 is yesterday's 38." :thumbright: (So it means, with this proportional calculation) I'm still in mid-twenties, lol. I like this mathematics.
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Postby ket on 05 Feb 2010 17:51

Thats probably true.. but us whippersnappers can still work technology without having to read the manual first :p
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