Importing Levels from SoC, CS to CoP?

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Importing Levels from SoC, CS to CoP?

Postby Mercenary on 31 Oct 2014 04:04

Hello all,

I am new to modding Stalker. I have figured out how to extract databases, add things to maps, and edit the alife file. The thing I am stuck on is getting the maps from other games to load properly in the SDK.

So I have CS levels working just fine, they load and look ready to edit. When I try to import an SoC level, the SDK gives me A LOT of errors. I tried to fix this by importing the SoC files into the same directories as the CS, but that only made things worse for SoC levels. When I just imported the SoC textures, it still complained about missing lights and models, not the level has so many errors I cannot load it.

Anyway help or advice will be appreciated!
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Re: Importing Levels from SoC, CS to CoP?

Postby Kazemeka on 11 Jan 2015 20:37

SoC has a different engine, thus different lightning, textures and all sorts of stuff. CS, I think uses a newer version, that is directley related to CoP.

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