Was there ever a fix for this SoC bug?

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Was there ever a fix for this SoC bug?

Postby ket on 17 Nov 2011 00:27

Just wondering, did anyone ever figure out how to fix the SoC game bug where if you died you were only wearing the novice suit and not whatever suit you actually had on?
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Re: Was there ever a fix for this SoC bug?

Postby Nightwatch on 17 Nov 2011 18:30

Not that I remember any. However, meanwhile, I ought to note that as you know the "dead" sequence in the game is a rather complex event (game offline continues while it posts "game over") and therefore it's not one the most stable moments in the game that the engine has the deal with, and running an additional script to ensure checking the last applied suit and update the dead actor graphics accordingly could undoubtedly put extra strain on the engine at that difficult moment, which it would not really need. :mozilla_smile: We are aware that there are number of CTDs (and other problems like freezing) regularly reported at the time or during the "game over" post, so for the sake of stability, I wouldn't choose this option myself, although I agree that it'd definitely complete the good look.

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