Quantum computers are in the horizon

Quantum computers are in the horizon

Postby Nightwatch on 05 Sep 2009 14:36

Well, as this BBC news explains better (which I've come across while browsing the news) it seems bells for the current ways computing have started to sound.

It says that: Quantum computers exploit the counterintuitive fact that photons or trapped atoms can exist in multiple states or "superpositions" at the same time... While traditional or "classical" computers find factoring large numbers impracticably time-consuming, for example, quantum computers can in principle crack the problem with ease."
Although they are at the very early stage now and only a lab test chip has been made, but as we all know how fast the computer technology moves we can start seeing them "around" in near future.

Apparently, these new Optical computers has been touted as a potential future for information processing, by using packets of light instead of electrons as the information carrier.
"But these packets, called photons, are also endowed with the indeterminate properties that make them quantum objects - so an optical computer can also be a quantum computer.
In fact just this kind of photon-based quantum factoring has been accomplished before, but the ability to put the heart of the machine on a standard chip is promising for future applications of the idea."

The BBC news:
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Re: Quantum computers are in the horizon

Postby Grump642 on 06 Sep 2009 01:33

Interesting. Einstein would have questions though. For instance, sub-atomic particles are funny. Relativity( general, I believe) says that you may know a particles speed and direction, but not it's position. Or you may know it's position, but not the other. Laws of probability and all that stuff. Plus, just the act of viewing a particle, changes that particle. Maybe they get around all this because a photon behaves like a particle and like a wave? Heavy stuff.
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Re: Quantum computers are in the horizon

Postby audioave10 on 06 Sep 2009 18:14

That's a paradox in science. You have to take measurements, but to
do that with particles you change them - so you can't take those very
measurements you need. Certainly heavy stuff. The quantum PC tech
may be possible with light in other ways. I don't think you will see this
very soon.
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Re: Quantum computers are in the horizon

Postby VINTAR on 07 Sep 2009 07:51

Just put a lit candle in a microwave, turn it on, and you will see photon waves :D
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Re: Quantum computers are in the horizon

Postby audioave10 on 07 Sep 2009 17:52

LOL, Vintar...you must surely be dangerous. :))
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Re: Quantum computers are in the horizon

Postby ket on 04 Oct 2009 00:49

Interesting in principle, in practicality? It won't deliver what people hope. However, there are theories that allow for a particle to exist called a Takeon (SP?) this particle uses the speed of light as its lower threshold, it can't go slower than the speed of light, but it can go infinately faster. These particles are supposedly predictable in nature, so if these little guys can be found people could have a Takeon powered CPU with light acting as conventional data pipelines and Takeons within those pipelines carring the data.

You all follow that? Good :d :P
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