possible trojan/virus from a stalker mod?

possible trojan/virus from a stalker mod?

Postby Matt_B on 01 Nov 2008 13:32

Hopefully I'm mistaken, but I got my first ever serious trojan/worm/virus infection in 10 years of using a pc yesterday, & the only new software installed on that day was winxp service pack 3 & some stalker mods downloaded from filefront & a couple of other places that I can't remember. It could possibly have been from a few days before & laid dormant, but can't think how - reformatted early this week & didn't visit any dodgy sites.

Mods installed were ENB series SSAO plugin, Priboi Story 1.1 + patch, & a texture pack that I forget the name of. It's likely not any of these because none require an .exe or similar to be run.

The virus in question is Fujacks, & started with a trojan called spoclsv.exe asking for access through Zone Alarm (I mistakenly allowed it access to my computer, but not the internet).

Any of you encountered this?
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Postby EggChen on 01 Nov 2008 15:11

Nope, I have downloaded Priboi, but not the shader one.

I would hope filefront scan these files pretty comprehensively, so maybe it was something you got before as you say. Lets hope so, enough bugs in Stalker without mods injecting viruses!!
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Postby Nightwatch on 01 Nov 2008 16:12

I googled and it says:

Malware Family: Part of Malware group - Trojan SystemPoser

You say that you use Zone Alarm, free version or Pro? I'd guess it was Pro. It's good that you've been quick enough to stop access for it to internet.
What's your Anti_virus? I'd expect that an AV should catch it and neutralize it at the point of entry to your PC. Google says it's 2006 trojan, so not new. An AV by now should have facilities and power to clean it up.

You don't need to answer that part, but if you have any cracks, keygens, those usually may come through that channel. Be careful about the videos that many sites offer. But unless very very new malware, a good AV should immediately catch those.
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Postby ket on 05 Nov 2008 05:05

AVG is a very good antivirus and can be run in safe mode to boot, should clean up all what ales ya! :thumbright: Probably also worth running Spybot Search & Destroy and worth investing in NoAdware, an absolutely brilliant bit of software.
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Postby audioave10 on 06 Nov 2008 08:08

If this is a serious trojan most programs won't remove it. You might try
a Smit Fraud Removal Tool...this had helped me before. I don't use Anti-
virus programs anymore and don't even miss them.
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