The Zone's Legacy

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The Zone's Legacy

Postby Balious on 12 Jul 2009 17:25

Since the other stories are in here I guess this one will be in here too.

This is a story that could say is stalker but many things are much different (more then one zone for example).

Here is the introduction to the story:
It was many years ago when a nuclear accident had happened at Chernobyl in Ukraine. It was on the 26th April 1986. Out of all the disasters that had happened everyone says this one was the worse. What had happened was radiation had been released with a massive power excursion destroying the reactor at 1am in Ukraine time. Not long after the explosion more had occurred which had sent highly radioactive fallout into the atmosphere. Reports have said that the emergency core cooling system had been offline causing the reactor to overheat. After the disaster there had been many questions what the future for the power plant will be. Three years after it reactors five and six had been turned off. In 1991 reactor two had a fire broke out. Reactor one had been decommissioned in November 1996 due to a deal between the Ukrainian government and international organisations. Finally in 2000 reactor three had been turned off in a ceremony by the Ukraine president back then Leonid Kuchma.

Zone of Alienation was made after the disaster in order to evacuate the population and to stop people entering. Everything that’s within thirty kilometres of Chernobyl is part of the Zone. The area had been divided into four concentric zones with the fourth one being the most dangerous to go to. The reason the Zone is a dangerous place is because the territory is polluted unevenly. Hyper intensive pollution was created by not only the radioactive dust but also by numerous burial grounds for various materials and equipment. These burial grounds had been protected by the authorities of the Zone from anyone and admit that there are ones that are hidden and only known by the liquidators.

The year is 2012 and the world has gone into chaos. The Zone had gotten worse and expanded. More Zones have appeared on the map all joining together to form one big Zone. The big Zone’s name is Zone of Alienation, the same one given to the first Zone in Ukraine. So far reports have said there to be new islands no one has been to which appears to be Zones. Many people have got trapped in the Zones looking for a way to escape but many decide to either stay or fight the Zone. No one knows how long it takes before the entire planet is turned into the Zone of Alienation.

Lots of factions have been made with everyone having different opinions of the Zone. There are many such as the Loners who are mostly neutral apart from against the more evil like factions such as the Bandits who rob people and work for other factions to get paid. Confirmed factions so far are Loners, Bandits, Clear Sky, Duty, Freedom, Ecologists, Mercenary, Military, Monolith and Corruption. There are even more factions out there that no one knows about.

Within the Zones have been reports of strange creatures that all together are called mutants. Most of these mutants could look like a human or animal but the radiation within the Zones had altered them. Confirmed mutants so far are Blind Dogs, Pseudodogs, Cats, Pseudogiants, Bloodsuckers, Controllers, Tushkanos, Chimeras, Burer, Izloms, Snorks, Boars, Flesh and Poltergeist.

Right now the biggest threat is not the Zone expanding but a faction called Corruption. This faction is planning to turn the entire world into the Zone of Alienation and will make sure no one disrupts it.

This story is written in first person (besides the introduction). It is mainly based on one person but later on he will have a squad and it be more around them. Here is the first part of chapter 1:
My name is Stando Jerrin, I am twenty-four years old and just living my life like any other person. I was living in a village on the outskirts of a Zone, the village was a quiet peaceful place that would rarely get attacked by some strange mutants that appears from the Zone. I was a bartender at the Buddy Whacks. Everything was okay here until one day.

I was sitting in my house drinking my morning coffee. I lived here for about three years now. It was still dark outside. I walked over to a desk that had a lamp on and turned it on. The lamp was very bright it reached to the other end of the room. I could see the brown coloured walls, I was meaning to repaint them but never got round to it. I looked at the table where my coffee was. The table was made of wood and pretty strong. I walked back to the chair; it looked rather old but could still be sat on. I sat back down and continued to drink my coffee when the phone rang. I picked it up.
“Hello?” I said.
“Is this Stando Jerrin?” A deep voice said on the phone. I looked at the plastic mug seeing my coffee is half-full and took another drink.
“Who wants to know?” I replied back. There was an odd silence for a few seconds then the man replied back.
“Call me, Hedrick. I need to speak to you urgently; it is not safe on the phone. Do you know a quiet place to talk at?” After he had finished speaking I didn’t know what to say. I looked around the room seeing nothing strange.
“What is it you need to speak to me about?” I said. There was an even more odd silence.
“The Zone…” Hedrick finally said. I almost dropped my mug when I heard those words. “That is why I need to speak to you where no one else can hear.” I put the now near empty mug of coffee onto the table and started thinking of a place to meet this man.
“Would the Buddy Whacks do?” Sure it was a risk but where I worked where it has lots of rooms would be good. “There are many safe places there and easy to move if someone does find us.” I continued to say. I could now hear Hedrick breath sounding like a sign of relief.
“Great, meet you there in one hour.” Before anything else was said the phone went dead. At first I thought he just put it down but as I tried to ring someone else there was still no reply from the phone trying to ring. I began to get worried. I looked at the clock; the time was 5:30am. I figured I go to the bar now; I spent most of my time in this village there. I looked around the room for the keys and found them in the desk drawer. I walked out of the room through a door into a dark narrow corridor. There was another door at the end to my left and on the other side was the door out of the house and stairs leading to the next floor above. There was also a coat hangar next to the front door. I walked to the coat hangar and saw my grey coat; I put it on, open the front door when I noticed something else that was wrong. It felt like I was being watched. I looked around carefully and didn’t see anything. I checked one of my coat pockets and felt a sign of relief feeling my Glock 17 in the pocket. With that I shut my door and locked it. I remember leaving the lamp on but I did that as a sign for my friend Ira and Valik. Without hesitating I head for Buddy Whacks.

It be great if anyone could give me feedback or any spelling errors I may of missed. I will also be going back to the Lost City (the zombie story I made) after I lose a little interest in this story and more into that one again. That way I won't abandon them.
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Re: The Zone's Legacy

Postby Balious on 12 Jul 2009 21:19

Chapter 1 Part 2:
I was standing outside Buddy Whacks. I had taken the long way to get here to try and avoid the people that were watching me; I had gone through alleyways and through other buildings. I couldn’t see them anymore so I thought I head through here. I had one last look outside and slowly took my keys out and opened the dark brown door. I closed the door behind me and locked it. It was dark inside and thought if I should turn the light on but thought against it in case it may cause attention. I moved forward slowly seeing if there was anyone around. My eyes finally got adjusted to the darkness and saw the bar counter. I headed for there and looked for a glass to pour my drink. I just found a clean glass when I heard a voice.
“You’re early mister Jerrin.” I recognised the voice; it was the one on the phone. I turned around surprised to see him already here. He was sitting on a chair in the corner with some drink on the table.
“How did you get in?” I asked him. He chuckled.
“I been in here since last night when you closed up. You just never saw me, now come over here we need to discuss business.” I filled the glass up with tonic water and walked closer to Hedrick. “Before we begin were you followed?” I grabbed a chair and moved it next to the table Hedrick was sitting at and sat down.
“There was someone waiting nearby my house but I think I lost them on the way here.” I replied back to him. Hedrick nodded.
“Okay the reason I came to speak to you is about the Zone. Im sure you know quite a bit about it don’t you?” He said. I nodded. “Good. Do you know about Corruption?” I stared into his eyes and I wondered where this was going.
“Yes… Their leader is someone that goes by the name of Balious right? I have nothing to do with him anymore.” I said. Hedrick watched me closely and took a sip of his glass.
“I see… You two are close rivals but you must know the dangers Corruption have. They have actually put a bounty on your head.” He said. I looked into his eyes shocked to hear what he just said.
“I have a bounty on my head?” I said not touching my glass.
“Yes that’s right. The men that were waiting outside were to watch you to make it easier for whoever is coming to kill you. From what I heard it was a guy called Friar.” I took a sip of my tonic water and waited for him to continue. “He should be here in a few days looking for you. I would say leave the village and enter the Zone and take out Corruption. I don’t care how you do it just do it.” He finished talking. I looked down into my tonic water; it was still near full and I slowly began to talk.
“I have to leave this village and to destroy Corruption? Why me?”
“Because Balious wants you dead! Don’t ask me why but he thinks of you as a threat and I am here warning you. We must leave before it’s too lat…” Before he could finish there was a knock on the door. I looked straight back at the front door I had walked through a while ago. I looked back at Hedrick who looked scared. I couldn’t see his face clearly before but he had white hair along with a long white beard. It seemed like he was in his sixties. He looked into my eyes. “Are you sure no one followed you here?” He said. I tried to think who would bang at the door at this time. I then drank some more tonic water.
“Hide somewhere; I go check who that it is.” I said. I got up and started walking to the front door when I heard a loud explosion in the back. I quickly turned around to where it came from and the front door got knocked down and I was jumped on. My attackers were wearing masks and one of them got me off the floor. I turned around to who helped me up but I was then bashed by some kind of iron pipe. I was knocked back onto the floor and lost conscious.
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Re: The Zone's Legacy

Postby Balious on 14 Jul 2009 19:25

Since I could not edit my last post heres part 3 of chapter 1:
I slowly woke up. I was blindfolded. I tried to get up but something forced me to stay down.
“Hedrick you dog, you told him too much!” A man’s voice said. I heard footsteps come from the direction of the man’s voice. “Oh so he’s woken up? Listen here Stando. You will die in a few days unless you do as we say. If you understand nod your head.” With all the strength I had I nodded my head. “Good, Sal take his blindfold off.” The blindfold was cut and I slowly managed to see again. I looked up to see who cut the blindfold and saw the guy who was called Sal; he was black skinned, dark brown hair and grey eyes. I never seen someone with grey eyes before as he stared at me. “That’s enough Sal; we scared him enough as it is.” The man says again. “Now Stando feel free to ask any questions.” I looked towards the man speaking and he was a white skinned, black hair and had stubble facial hair. Sal handed me a glass of water and I took it and drank it.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“Names Harris, you may seem confused rather we good guys or bad guys. But we did not knock you out in the bar.” He said. I put my hand on the back of my head still feeling bruised from when I got whacked.
“So did you save me? Or are you just looking after me till Friar arrives?” I asked. Harris glanced back to someone in the corner. I didn’t notice him in the room but it had looked like Hedrick.
“Hedrick persuaded the guys that knocked you out to leave. They had thought you were up to no good trying to leave the village. But Hedrick said you were just opening up the bar early and that he was a customer.” Harris said. I slowly got off the bed I was lying in and looked around the room. It was a small room that appears to be of made of wood. I noticed also that I was no longer wearing my coat.
“Why do they not kill me now? Why is it so important for Friar to kill me?” I asked. Harris looked at Hedrick then back at me.
“It’s hard to explain. We don’t know ourselves but it is quite important that you leave the village as soon as possible. We can send you somewhere in the Zone that is quite safe. And you can prepare yourself there for what you want to do then.” I looked from Hedrick to Harris.
“Why are you helping me?” I asked. Hedrick spoke up.
“Because we want Corruption dead and we think you’re the best man for the job. I so far have not been caught but it’s only a matter of time before they find out im a spy.” I looked back at Hedrick. He seemed stranger then usual. I noticed his eye had been bruised.
“What happened to you Hedrick? You didn’t look like that earlier in the bar.” Hedrick coughed a little then spoke again.
“They didn’t believe me at first so one of them punched me in the eye… But after a few minutes they gave up after I persuaded them. So Stando will you help us?” I looked at him then back at Harris.
“Since I have no other choice I help you lot. Who actually are you guys anyway?” I said. Harris stood up from a crate and walked to a window.
“We are rebels against Corruption. Only a few factions know we exist. They are Corruption, Military, Duty, Freedom and Ecologists. Soon Bandits and Mercenaries will know we exist as Corruption are getting annoyed with us. We are called Legacy. Our enemies are Military, Monolith, Corruption, Mercenaries and Bandits. Everyone else we are neutral with but seem to have a good understanding with Freedom. Is there anything else you like to know?” Harris said. I looked at him wondering if this really is happening.
“How do I get to this safe place?” I asked them. Harris smiled.
“We be driving there of course. But there is a Military outpost blocking the road halfway. We going to head there and spilt up just outside where they can’t see us. After we out of the jeep we spilt up into the forests and meet up on the other side of the outpost with a vehicle.” He said. Hedrick stood up and walked out of the room. “It be a good idea not to go back to your house at this moment in time. They are trashing it as we speak.” I looked at him.
“What do I do right now then?” I asked him. Harris looked at me and was thinking of what I could do as it took him awhile to answer.
“Have a walk around the area but do not leave it; for all we know they could be trying to capture you now. Perhaps you could help us prepare to leave.” Harris said. I nodded and begun walking to the door; its going to be tough the next few days I thought. I hope Valik and Ira will be okay and won’t try searching for me. Without further questions in my head I began helping out.

The rest of the chapters should be together now and not split up into parts unless they are too long (of course the paragraphs will still be there)
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Re: The Zone's Legacy

Postby Balious on 16 Aug 2009 01:52

I have now finally managed to finish Chapter 2. And here it is:

Chapter Two – Trouble at Legacy Outpost
It has been two days since I met the rebel group known as Legacy. Harris had let me go back to my house along with a few guards in case someone tried to attack me. When I arrived there it had been trashed. I quickly rushed upstairs and into my bedroom. The bed had been turned upside down, the drawers on the floor with scattered papers everywhere. I opened my closest and saw most of my clothes untouched. I figured I may as well pack them it be a long time before I can get any more clothes and my current ones stink. I found my suitcase inside the closest and put it on the upside down bed. I opened it up and started putting clothes in it. I found my mobile phone on the floor all broken. I thought about taking it anyway but thought better of it. I can always find a new one. I looked back into my closest and found my secret drawer. I opened it and the letter that I had been sent from before was in there. I did not understand this letter but after the meeting with Hedrick the letter slowly started making sense. I unfold it and start reading it.

Dear Stando Jerrin,
We are most interested with you, we think you will be able to enter our Corruption ranks. We will send some men to you soon to discuss about it. In the mean time enjoy your stay in the village and don’t try leaving. It is urgent we talk to you. Не пытаться делать что-либо глупо. Мы хотим помочь вам. We will meet soon.

If this letter was from Corruption it made no sense to me. Why send it asking me to join them if they just going to kill me? I folded it back up and put it into my pocket. I continued looking and found a notebook. I opened it and it had all my contacts from my mobile phone. Handy to get in touch with whoever I need to. I also used the notebook for other things like important dates and such. I took the bag from my back and put the notebook inside. I walked out of my bedroom and walked downstairs and noticed the guards had been looking through my belongings. At first I would have punched them and threw them out the house but considering all the shit that had happened I didn’t bother and let them. I walked into the living room. The room where it all began. I looked at the phone that rang with Hedrick on the other end. I opened my pocket and took out my key and placed it on the table.
“Everyone out of my house. I am going to burn it down.” I said. The other guards stopped what they were doing and watched me. They puzzled for a moment of why I would do this then started walking out. I looked on the floor and saw water all over the floor. It appeared as Corruption were going to burn my house down to begin with. With me inside most likely as an accident. I followed the water all the way to the outside. “Anyone got a match?” I asked the guards. One of them took out a pack of matches and gave me it. I took out a match and handed the pack back to the guard. I lit it on fire and threw it into the water. Quickly the flames lighted and the entire house was caught on fire. I watched as it burnt. I noticed if it blew I would be in the explosion so I started walking away back to the Legacy outpost.

After I arrived back at the outpost I went back to the room that I was first in as Harris gave me it. I sat on the bed. I thought I sleep a little as im sure I have a big day ahead when there was a knock on the door.
“Come in” I said. The door opened and Sal walked through it. He quietly closed it behind him. I watched as he took a chair and sat on it. “What brings you here?” I asked. Sal watched me for a bit and just before he spoke I cut him off. I quickly got out the letter and unfolded it handing it to Sal. “I found this at my house and thought Harris would need to see it.” Sal nodded and waited for anything else. I shrugged and he nodded.
“The reason why I came here was to ask if you received anything like this but I guess you already took care of that.” He said. I nodded waiting for anything else to be said. “When did you receive this letter?” He asked me. I put my hand on my chin.
“I believe it was about a week before Hedrick spoke to me.” I said.
“One more thing, be prepared we may have to leave tonight if anything happens in the village.” Sal said. “I advise sleeping now and get some energy.” He walked towards the door, opened it and walked out closing it behind. I opened the suitcase on the bed and put on a fresh pair of clothes. There was a bookshelf now in the room and I checked for any interesting books. One read The Life of the Zone. I picked it up and read the first page.

The Zone is a dangerous place to live in with all of the mutants around and the radiation. I decided to make this book to help others on their travels to the Zone. First things first is to always have plenty of supplies as you never know when you meet someone with spare. The next is to make sure you’re well equipped. There are many dangers in the Zone and having just a knife won’t get you very far. If you can bring someone to watch your back, the more of you there are the easier it can be to survive.

I stopped reading. This book is very interesting and could possibly help me in the future. I decided to keep this book with me putting it in one of the bags. I figured it was time to sleep as I doubt I get much rest later.

It was the middle of the night, sounded like a big storm. Someone shook me and told me to get out of bed. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Sal. I blinked away the sands and noticed he was armed.
“What’s going on?” I asked and he quickly put his hand to my mouth.
“Quiet we need to get to Harris and the others. Get dressed quick!” He said. I nodded and did as he said. I took my Glock 17 and made sure it was fully loaded and put it in my pocket. I made sure I had the 9x19 clips on my belt pockets for easy access if I happen to run out of ammo at the wrong time. I nodded to Sal that I was ready and he led me out. Something was strange about this. I would have asked Sal about it but he was too busy looking straight ahead. We stopped just as we reached the corner. He peeked round and quickly turned his head back to look at me. I didn’t notice what weapon he was carrying before but it was an AK47. A good choice in weapons I thought. “Get your weapon out. We are going to be in a fight.” He said. I did as he said.
“What is going on Sal?” I asked. He had another peek round and I heard a groan nearby around the corner.
“Zombies… Someone infected got inside and everyone else seems to of got infected my guess they allowed that person to come in and bite them. Luckily it’s the dumb slow zombies, not the ones that can use guns.” He said. I nodded. We slowly walked round the corner and I could smell the rotten flesh off of it more clearly now. I couldn’t place the smell earlier but this is defiantly a zombie’s smell. I watched as it seemed to walk into the wall angry that it can’t get pass it. It slowly turned and saw us. It started walking towards us with its arms up. Sal didn’t waste any time and put a bullet straight into its head. “Lets continue before more come.” Sal said.
“I agree” I said. Together we marched off in search of the other members of Legacy.

It seemed we have been walking for hours. Seeing a few zombies round every corner we turn. We saw a few survivors getting eaten alive and with nothing else we could do put a bullet to their head. How did this happen I thought. I continued to follow Sal as he led on checking every room we walk pass for any survivors. Sal stopped by a white door. He slowly turned his hand into a fist and knocked on the door. There was no sound on the other side. I liked his strategy on checking for zombies on the other side of the door. It was very effective and there is no risk of being infected from it. He slowly opened the door with me covering just in case and we saw a man sitting down his body resting on the wall. Sal studied him for a moment while I kept watch on the door.
“He’s injured but that’s it. No signs of infection so he should be okay as long as we get him medical treatment.” Sal said. I took a quick glance back at them and it seemed the man was coming round.
“Sally is that you?” The injured man said. Sally? I never heard anyone call Sal that before. I finally decided to close the door seeing no point to this watch thing right now.
“Yeah it’s me Benny. What happened?” Sal said. I figured this was one of Sal’s close friends but I couldn’t leave them alone. I finally decided to look round the room. It was a dark white room with what looks like blood covering parts of the wall, floor and on the bunk bed. There appeared to be someone on the bottom part as I got closer I could see a hole on their head. Must of got infected I thought. But as I got closer there appeared to be no signs of infection. It looked like he died in his sleep. My attention went back to the others. Benny had let out a scream of pain.
“It’s terrible Sal… The person that did all of this…” He coughed. “He appeared to be someone from Corruption.” My eyes widen and so did Sal. Sal looked back at me then back to Benny. “Not only that but…” He grabbed Sal’s arm and seemed to hold it as tight as he can. “He’s alive!” He finished off saying and his eyes slowly closed. I quickly looked back at the door looking down each side. The reason behind the man’s death in the bed could have been he was here.
“BENNY!” Sal screamed shaking Benny. Benny slowly opened his eyes again showing he was alive.
“This wound… Won’t kill me. I be okay. Getting to the others is what’s important.” He said. Sal slowly picked him up dragging one arm over him so he could stand at least. Benny just shuck him off and loaded a small firearm. I could not tell what it was and don’t exactly care.
“We can’t stay here any longer. We better find the others.” I said. Sal looked at me for the first time since entering this room and nodded. Benny Stood up. I checked the corridor again and slowly stepped out shortly followed by the other two. “Okay Sal you lead.” I said to Sal. Sal walked in front of me to the end of the corridor followed by Benny. I looked back into the room we came out of. Nothing valuable in there I thought and looked at the other end of the corridor where we came from and saw nothing.
“Stando move it man! We need to get to Harris!” Sal shouted round the corner. I quickly ran towards the direction of his voice and had caught back up to them as they turned round the corner. I stopped and stared down it. The whole ceiling had been covered in blood. Only drips of the blood from the ceiling had fallen on the floor.
“What in the Zone happened here?” Benny said. Neither I or Sal seemed to have an answer to his question. No zombie could have done this. No mutant could have done this.
“Has a new mutant appeared?” Sal asked quietly. We watched wondering if whatever did this would appear. There were no signs of bodies from what I could see. There was silence as a few minutes passed. It felt like hours as we just stood there watching the scene. Then I could hear something move; it must have been the creature. I heard it pull something and then I could hear something like eating. It was coming from one of the rooms. I looked at the other two and it seemed as they heard it as well. Sal quickly took back round the corner we came from. “I have no idea what that thing is but we have to be as quiet as possible going pass it.” Sal said. Me and Benny nodded. We went back round the corner with our weapons out and ready as we slowly and quietly walked through the corridor. I saw one of the doors slightly open and from what I can see blood was spraying from one area of the room to the other. I quickly looked away from it and tried looking out one of the windows to outside. There appeared to be movement on the ground but it was too dark to see anything; but from what I gathered it appeared to be a zombie. I concentrated back in front of me seeing Benny move. I hope his injury won’t attract that thing. We reached the end of the corridor. As Sal walked round the corner I looked back one more time just in case that creature may of noticed us but it appeared to still be eating. Without another glance I turned the corner. Sal walked towards a door and as I got closer I saw that they were stairs. Sal has finally smiled since I met him. “Looks like we getting out of here after all. Harris and the others are on the bottom floor which we can get to from here.” Sal said. Me and Benny also smiled.
“So what are we waiting for? It’s about time we got out of this hell hole.” I said. Benny nodded and we started walking down the stairs.

After climbing down the stairs and opened the door we were greeted by the other members of Legacy including Harris. Harris greeted us with open arms glad we safe.
“Are you the only ones from the building?” Harris asked. Sal started checking his AK47 checking he has a fully loaded clip in it.
“I do not know. I didn’t get a chance to check while finding Stando. There was some strange creature up there that we managed to sneak pass. I advise that we leave here quickly.” Sal said. Harris nodded and told the other members to gather round.
“This is the plan. As we can no longer stay here we will get into the vehicles already and head for Legacy base. It is more dangerous but we have no other choice.” Harris said. He turned to look at me again and noticed Benny’s injury. “How’s your injury?” He asked. Benny had been holding his hand on his stomach for a while since we were marching down the stairs.
“I last till we get to the base. Let’s just worry on getting to the vehicles and getting there.” Benny said. Again Harris nodded.
“Alright let’s move!” Harris said. We all rushed out of the building and towards the vehicles. I could see about two trucks and one jeep. There were some guards standing outside guarding them shooting at nearby zombies. One of the guards saw us coming and told the others to get into position. Sal told me to get into one of the trucks so I got into the closest one and the drivers quickly drove out of this place. I watched it and the village fade as we drove towards the direction of the Legacy base. I looked around to see who else was in the truck. Sal was sitting near the end and I didn’t know the other members. Harris called to us from the front of the truck. "I want three people awake on our way to the Military outpost; one driving and two watching out for any suspicious activity. We will swap halfway there." He said. I guess this gives me the chance to have some more sleep as im sure I won’t be having any the rest of the night. I slowly closed my eyes waiting.

I be thankful for any feedback anyone can give me after reading it. Not sure when Chapter 3 will be done. I have a basic idea of whats going to happen but my mind is flooding with four different stories. Good thing im not a writer with deadlines otherwise I may be in serious trouble at getting it done :-"
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