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Project Phoenix

Postby jamie1992 on 30 Apr 2010 23:29

Chapter 1

First part, hopefully a lot more to come, sorry for any English mistakes, let me know what you think please really want to hear anything you have to say. Good or Bad. NOTE: Not all of the ideas, such as Nanomachines are mentioned, as those are to be revealed later on, hard to explain, but not everything is there.


It's a funny thing to wake up in the morning knowing your job will affect the lives of thousands of people. Soldiers on the front lines fighting wars for petty reasons. The reasons they fight is not my job to think of, the munitions and weapons they use however is my job, the way the weapons work, dismantle, fire, reload, etc. The types of rounds. Was only recently that I had the idea of Automated Cybernetic Machines to fight side by side with the soldiers. Able to sustain more punishment, cheap to maintain, requires no sleep or food, no drink, no clothes, just munitions and a bit of maintenance and it can go round the clock fighting.

The first field tests were conducted about a year ago, 2 units dubbed as the X-01 and X-02 were sent to a front line in the war in the middle east. The results were astounding. Both units were stationed on the front lines for only 3 months, in those months, the death rates lowered on our side and the loss's to the others began to rise. It was noted that the first encounter the "Rebels" were pitted against the 2 units, they had started to panic, they noticed that the units were a lot more impervious to small arms fire. The X-01 and X-02 had the ability to tank through front lines leading soldiers forward.

The way these units were controlled was another story, a central AI grid dubbed as Phoenix was built, this Grid was able to fully command these units within the parameters of which was set into the Grid. We expanded the project further, we built a Mk2 of the X series unit. Only one was built. X-01MK2 A mouthful, it was sent into the front lines again, this time for 8 months, and we sent a small 2 man crew as maintenance watch for the unit. It was only ever taken down once, and the damage was merely a few knocked out circuits from the force of a RPG that landed next to it. When it arrived back at the Complex where the Units were put into R&D and concept testing. It was beaten badly, the weather had started to rust parts of its bodywork, bullets had put dents into it. One of its "Eyes" had been destroyed. However through the conditions it was thrust into, the outcome was impeccable.

We put the Units into mass production with a few revisions and new Generation of weapon was born. X-01Mk3 all the way to X-100MK3. 100 Units put into full time duty around the world. The Grid was working with ease controlling the units around the world following the parameters set into it by the managers of the Grid.

Eventually the flaws in the design were found, weak spots where a well placed round could disable or disorientate its ability to recognize and deal with threats. The "Rebels" as they were commonly called took note of one in particular, when shot in a certain part of its "Brain" or a certain spot on its head, it would dent and damage fundamental parts of its AI, it would be unable to recognize difference between friend or foe, and would fire on anything deemed as a threat, anything armed. It was known to turn and shoot back at the Soldiers it was fighting for, and it would be from that point on classed as a rogue, the Grid swiftly would act to shut down the Unit before it was able to do more damage. After about 3 years only 10 of the 100 Units were still active, the rest, shut down, destroyed, or dismantled by the "Rebels" after it was either shut down or disabled.

We strived for years, improving the Grid and designs for the Units that went out. We started calling the units "Mechs". As time progressed, we quickly fix any flaws noted in the designs and improved upon everything else. The concepts for Cybernetic Warfare grew, from Juggernaut-esque Mechs to tanks and jets. Eventually the Grid became overworked, so we spent billions revamping the Grid. Phoenix was no longer just a Network grid for the AI, it was so powerful, that it was put in control of Military Servers, databases and even Nuclear warheads. The idea was outrageous, at first, people grew to it, deemed it safer, in 2 years of the first proposal, Phoenix was in control of every single Military Server, warhead and database in the world, it controlled all mechs on every front line in every war, it controlled access to all Databases and servers containing Military documents and files.

On July 21st in 2015 Phoenix started to glitch, its software had become eradict, it was issuing orders, not put into parameters, it was making certain mechs go rogue by its own power. It was contained by shutting down the Phoenix Grid, all Mechs went offline and were shipped back to the US into all the complex's and factory's that made them, the plug on Phoenix was pulled and the Project was left to rest. That was until a year later, when the nation realized that the mechs were a detrimental lose to our war efforts. Higher death rates, less advances on front lines. Less morale. The Project was bought back to life, on the conditions that Phoenix was made Stable and that all further problems will be fixed and nothing of such occurs again. 7 months after the revival of Project Phoenix, the Grid was rebuilt, and designs were pouring in, all past Mechs and units were dismantled for the reuse in new designs.

On November 5th 2019 Phoenix became self aware, it was unthinkable that AI could have the powers that of a human being, able to think for itself solely without the need for parameters, it targeted anything it deemed as a threat to itself. All attempts to shut down Phoenix were hindered by Phoenix itself, we had created a monster. It used our own weapons against us. Eventually down the line we were fighting on the streets of our own city, it controlled the factories, it was able to Manufacture the Mechs on its own, the munitions and weapons for the Mechs, the Transportation for them, the drop-ships, tanks, jets, everything. The war had made us forget about our differences.

Every country was united into one, fighting against the machines. It was Human Race Vs Phoenix. We slowly started to push back Phoenix's grip on the country. It being self aware realized it was losing and took it upon itself to build its own mech designs and manufacture them and send them out to war with us. Until one fateful day that news had got out that Phoenix was launching Nuclear warheads all over the US, people took cover in the underground rail systems, Bunkers, anything they believed was safe. The loss's were extensive, so many people had died. The United States laid in ruins, Ash, and Radiation loitered around on the surface. The machines impervious to radiation in some forms were able to walk through ground zero and the outskirts of all that was around it.

The rest of the world heard the news of what had happened and tried to shut itself off from the States, destroyed all remnants that could help Phoenix control anything of theirs. Phoenix knew this, and started to invade the rest of the world with its Machines. Unable to use any nuclear missiles after being cut off from what was left, and using the United States arsenal upon the country itself all it had was the Machines and the factories. And now in this world we fight to do what humans do best, survive, a basic instinct dating back Centuries and Millenniums, when the first humans roamed the earth, free from the boundaries we ourselves had created.
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Re: Project Phoenix

Postby jamie1992 on 31 May 2010 15:05

First Chapter of Project Phoenix, A bit of a "Straight from the frying pan and into the fire." going on with this, but I've never been good with English. Got an F grade, barely.

Anyway, hopefully its readable and you enjoy it.


Name: Max Leist

Age: 23

Country: United States of America

City: Seattle

Group Standing: Defiance


"Max wake up, MAX jesus man come on." Ever woken up to a person hovering over you and when he moves he reveals the light into your freshly opened eyes, well that was my wake up call.

"Damn what do you want?" I looked at Neil with one eye opened and the other closed with my hand covering it. He pulled me up and hastily pointed to my gear. "Get your stuff we are making another run, supplies are short, come on lets go report at the "lock" in 10 minuites." I gained my composure after being pulled up half asleep and half blind. "Ok ok, hell give me a second I'll meet you outside." Neil walked out and his footsteps got more faint, I looked around and gathered up my things, my gas mask for radiation hotspots, my geiger counter, my Patched up shotgun and a small bag on my floor, swung the shotgun on my back put the mask on my head but not fully down and put the rest of the things in my pockets.

The little section of Underground railway we reside is closed off due to collapse's in the tunnels, one way in, and one way out, after the bombs dropped and some of the radiation has cleared slightly people went back outside, to find hell awaiting them, they turned back, built makeshift homes underground. All the things above ground made underground with some resemblence.

You could hear Neil shouting in the distance. "We all geared up?" A faint hussle of replies emerged from the rest of the squad. I walked up still not fully with it. "Ah my boy, are you ready for another exciting adventure?" He asked as he turned round patting me on the back.

"Open her up time is money!" The two gaurds who watch the huge makeshift door unbolted it and pulled it back to reveal a bright array of light shining down into the Tunnels. We all double checked our gear and started to venture out. Even after the Country was torn apart by Warheads and the world had a almost grey filtered look, it was still beautfiul in its own way. Skyscrapers still stood tall, albeit battered and damaged from the wars and bombs. "Huddle up, lets check the plan." We all gathered around Neil as he laid out a old map of the city. "Ok, last fortnight we never got enougn supplies due to the Drones that were around forcing us to go back to hiding, however hopefully they have gone leaving the place clear for pickings, overwise we are gonna have to move on elsewhere." "Now theres a old apartment complex a few miles from here, but also a old superstore. So who wants to go where?" He had this grin, a very strange look he gives us when he usually sends us off to stupid places."

"Fine Max and the Grunt will check the apartments and me and the rest of us will check the store. Max teach the newbie here the ropes, can you handle that?" He stared at me. "Yeah...I can handle that." I looked at the Newbie and back at Neil, who had already packed the map away and was stood up. "Ok lets get out of here, meet back in a couple hours. Best of luck men." Just then he salutes us and then runs off with the 2 others from the squad.

"Do you remember where he said the apartments were max?" He had me there, I knew there were due Northwest but as to how far I couldn't remember. "Yeah I remember Newbie don't sweat it." He sighed "Just call me Erik."

We had been walking for a good 2 miles, and came across a large building complex, I thought it must be the place Neil was talking about, it looked rather clean though, and there was a few lights flickering in the faint windows. "Erik listen to me, we are gonna head up nice and slow you are gonna stay behind me, keep an eye out, hold your fire and stay silent." Erik nodded.

We had slowly crept up to a stairwell on the left side of the complex, the stairs were made of steel and looked rather weak. "Erik how much do you weigh, geared and ungeared?" He looked at me with a strange stare. "12 stone Ungeared, as for geared, I've no idea." This means he was heavier than me ungeared, I was the lightest of us 2 weighing in at just under 11 Stone. "Erik, stay here and guard these stairs." I took off my large sack and the utility belt with my extra rounds in. I grabbed my shotgun and snuck upstairs. The steel steps creeked under me, with luck I got to the top. And snuck into the corridor fireescape that was open.

The corridor was very cold and very dark. Shots rang off in the faint distance. Along with a few Mechanic whines, to far to be of any problem I'm sure. The light shines into the hallway, I freeze and ready my shotgun, at this range not much use, but better than a kick in the teeth for sure. The light shines away from the corridor, and faint noises of rattling come from one of the rooms echo'ing into the corrirdor. I didn't want to waste time so switfly move towards the noise. A guy crawls out drenched in blood. With another guy walking out standing over him into the hallway of the complex.

"Do not steal from me, I'll put a bullet into your head if I see you again, now get lost!" The man laying down looks away and notices me, he starts to hold his hand out for help. "Shit hes gonna reveal me." The bloke standing over him shouts at him. "You old fool what are you doing now!" This guy was pretty old, grey hair, receded, alot of stubble, wrinkly. "Help me please!"

I shuffeled back into the shadows, hoping that I do not get seen if he was to inspect what he was talking to. I went straight against the wall, out of sight of both of them, and them of me. "Crazy old man, talk to this instead." The sound of a revolver pin being pulled back clicks out. "Putting you out of your misery would probably be for the best, Insanity has got to you. Do you have any last words?" I had to make a move or this man will die. "No, then let the angels...or devils know who sent you here and he is willing to rescue more....souls for them." The pin from the revolver releases and smacks back followed by a loud crack.

He must be dead, and I let him do it. "Khan come in..." A voice from a Radio emits faintly from the room they were in earlier. His footsteps start to echo down the hallway. "This is Khan, what do you want?" "Khan you gotta run man, you got 2 Drones and a Suppresor heading your way real fast, either get back here or take cover, whatever is easiet, just get out of sight!" Khan thumped what must be a desk. "God damn it, fine cheers for the warning." The faint whine from an engine begins to echo through the desolated streets of the city. Khan walked out the room and past me clutching a large bag in his arms and a revolver in his hand. I had a sudden realisation. If Khan goes that way, hes gonna find Erik. I raised my shotgun and shot out into the empty corridor ceiling a loud thump causes Khan to stop in his tracks.

He Put the bag down to the floor and raised his revolver up and slowly ventured back. "Hello?" He stopped and looked at the old mans body. "Was it you fucker?!" He shot at the body twice before lowering the revolver. "you are going crazy Khan, crazy man, noones here he's dead, he can't shoot a gun....but someone alive can." He raised it back up and slowly ventured back into the room. I took my chance and crept into the room following close behind and raised the shotgun to the back of his head. "Do not move or I will blow your fucking brains out all over this goddamn wall!" "Woah easy pal chill I do not want trouble." He was playing and twiching the revolver. "Drop the peice." He lets go and it falls to the floor with a metallic clank. Footsteps ring out in the corridor. "Max!" Goddamn it Erik. He bursts into the room to see me with my shotgun to Khan's head. "What the hell happened Max?" "Damn it Erik I told you to watch the stairs."

We all suddenly notice the engine whine being very close to us. "Erik get the fuck down, Khan get down and do not try anything funny!." I grabbed his revolver off the floor and dived into a corner with the shotty aimed at him.

"Tell me, does holding that weapon make you feel strong? If that surpressor gets a sniff of where we are, we might aswell just stand up and wave goodbye." I looked at Khan, this guy is insane. Must be the Radiation toying with his mind. "Erik, do you have a Sidearm?" He checked his belt and holster and pulls out a old Makarov. "Here it's not much, what do you need with it?" I take it out of his hand and take out the mag and pull back the slide to eject the loaded round. Counting the rounds in the mag, from what I could see, including the ejected one, theres about 7 shots.

I drop one round back into the port on the slide and release the catch as it slides back with the chambered round and then put the mag back in. "Look after my Shotgun and keep an eye on Khan, if he makes any sudden moves, drop him, do you understand?" "What are you doing Max?" I ignored him, and peeked my head out into the Corridor, the sounds of the Drones were close, and the heavier whine of the Surpressor was also pretty close. I duck back in and look at Erik. "Did you leave my stuff near the stairs?" "Yes I was unable to carry it." I look at Khan. "Now listen to me you are going to go where Erik tells you, you WILL stay infront of him, you WILL do what he says. Is that clear?" Khan chuckles and gets to his feet. He slowly edges towards the door. "Take one more step and I'll put a round into your knee." He rolls his eyes. "So you got a choice, either let me go and try and run away, and even cause a Distraction for you, but still alerting the Drones and Surpressor, or you can shoot me in the knee, the noise doing the same job, except us all being in the same room. You don't really think things through do you, maybe its best to let me go."

A heavy gust of wind starts to blow around the room, and the loud whine resonates through the dank and bare corridor. A second whine starts to get louder, not like a Engine whine more the sound of something charging, as if it was getting faster. My thoughts only realised when the real sound came out, the high caliber and high RPM miniguns were starting to unleash heavy hails of rounds into the entire Apartment structure we were in. the Surpressor must have got the signitures through the walls of the building from our heat, that or the Drones heard us and alerted the Surpressor of us being in the building. Erik panics and snatchs the Makarov from my hands and aims it at Khan. "Fuck you, it knows we are here because of you!" He aims at Khans stomach and lets off a round.

You know, it's strange how in very crucial moments, that things start to slow down, or atleast seem to, I felt like a good 30 seconds I was watching as the empty casing fell to the ground. The sound of the Surpressor's Miniguns tearing into other parts of the block had stopped. Only to start back up again only closer. "Fucking hell Erik!" I took the Makarov back from him. "We've got to go." I started to leave the door of the room before Erik just let out the words, "what about Khan?" I looked at the old mans corpse in the corridor. So many thoughts crossed my mind. "Just leave him, let the Mechs chew him apart." Parts of the walls were starting to fall on the level above us. The surpressor was damn close.

Erik walked out the room backwards watching Khan, only to turn and freeze. He was staring out one of the small windows. He drops to the floor just as the Surpressor drops down a floor and starts tearing into it with more rounds. Crawling like crazy to get over to me, I had also ducked down to avoid being hit, the surpressor had seen Erik and was slowly moving along the wall strafing filling it with more rounds. More chunks of the wall being taken away as each large round thumps into the wall. The Surpressor stops shooting and me and Erik freeze. looking around slowly. Part of the roof above us starts to crumble, the weight from all the rubble on the above floors must be taking its toll on the old beaten building.

After a few seconds the roof starts to crack, Erik swiftly gets up and starts to run towards the exit of the complex, back towards the stairs we came up from. "Erik!...Shit." I follow him from a distance just as he nears the door I stop. I've no idea what made me stop, but I did. A large section of the above floor collapses ahead, taking down the part of the current and lower floors with it. Erik stood no chance, all that rubble plus the drop and anything that landed ontop at the bottom, its impossible to survive.

I take few steps back, as I do the floor under my feet begins to also crack and fall apart. A large chunk of the floor under one foot gives way and my footing is lost making me fall down to the ground the Makarov drops out of my hand also. I flip round onto my stomach and crawl towards it. The engines of the Surpressor start to make very strange noises, and start to sound like they are starting to die and fail. The nose of the Surpressor VTOL scrapes against whats left of the wall, and pushes through into the corridor and into a couple of rooms and lays to rest. I was just grab the Makarov and tuck it into my trousers, get up and start to climb downwards through the collapsed part of the complex, via the Rubble. The engines on the Surpressor start back up again and start to fade in and out. I get down to ground level and take the Makarov back out from my trousers and back away from the complex.

After getting a good distance away, I crouch down and rest against an old Dumpster sat in the courtyard, the engines of the Surpressor die down again, and everything goes quiet. The Drones start to fly away and all thats left is the faint sounds of rubble falling down now and then and the Metallic ticking of the engines and weapon barrels cooling down on the Surpressor.
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Re: Project Phoenix

Postby Balious on 01 Jun 2010 00:01

As I said on steam its good Jam :-bd besides a few grammar issues of course. Looking forward to the next chapter :D
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Re: Project Phoenix

Postby Nightwatch on 13 Jun 2010 01:46

Very interesting :thumbright:
I managed to found a good time to read the stories finally, as your previous stories this one gives a very nice read, too. We'd like to see more!
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