A new Section For Problems & Their Solutions

A new Section For Problems & Their Solutions

Postby Nightwatch on 23 Oct 2010 17:22

Hey Guys,

We've opened a new section dedicated for any problems that affect our gaming -not only STALKER, but other games as well- and their solutions, whether they are hardware or software originated, so that, anyone can easily look and find if there were any similar problems experienced by others like those they are having now and what the outcomes/solutions to those problems were.

Please put the titles to your threads specific to the problem, as clearly as possible, so later anyone can identify the nature of the associated problem by the title, at least to a certain extent.

Also, anyone can search the forum, and find and post past problems in these matters and the found solutions if the original poster can't do that, but in this case we should give credit/reference to whom the original post and the solutions belong.

Thanks :mozilla_smile:
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