Psy what?

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Psy what?

Postby nandersen on 19 Oct 2008 21:32

I just can't see how it makes sense with all the psy stuff in stalker... maybe somebody cares to explain it to me?

In the inventory screen there's a blue psy health bar that is somehow coupled with the brain-being-fried icon on the HUD. This makes me think that this should be somehow linked to the effects of psy emissions. The psy emissions, however, seem to hurt me in a way similar to being hit with a blunt object (or falling from significant height) - no effect on the psy health bar whatsoever?

On the other hand, the controllers make me go psycho - but why does the psy protective helmet not help?

Seriously, I'm confused... like when Lukash gave me an sg500 rifle and a grenade launcher as if it was possible to attach it to that rifle :boggle:
Maybe his brain was damaged by all this psy stuff also.
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Postby DARK TEMPLAR on 29 Oct 2008 21:49

The ZONE works in mysterious ways, you can never be certain in anything, hell it's common paranoia, deal with it, ''Just because I'm not paranoid, doesn't mean that their not following me.''
There is no such thing as innocence in the ZONE, only degrees of guilt.
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Postby nandersen on 30 Oct 2008 11:17

OK, I prefer: "Be paranoid - it's safer"

But still, the question is not about the Zone being mysterious, it's about the game mechanics.
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Re: Psy what?

Postby audioave10 on 03 Dec 2008 04:50

I think that's one of those things that proves that GSC was trying to
do too much. They might have started that part in 2002 but forgot
to tie up the loose ends of it by 2006. (just a guess)
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Re: Psy what?

Postby ket on 08 Dec 2008 01:48

I would say thats a safe bet. I think I've seen mods fixing up those loose ends somewhere. Don't worry nanderson, in my TK mod things are MUCH more logical! Everything has been geared to be as realistic as possible. For example; Dont be expecting to shoot a helicopter down with just a couple clips of regular ammo - it'll take about 10. Load up AP ammo on the other hand.. and if your good you can bag a heli in 4-5 clips.

And before you go on about how does that work, I'll tell you :p Its simple, AP ammo can penetrate most kinds of armour (especially the NATO AP rounds) so all those engine parts of the heli dont have a lot of protection ;)
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