Stories from the Zone with OL2.2 mod

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Stories from the Zone with OL2.2 mod

Postby Kanyhalos on 28 Sep 2008 19:11


I joined Bandits at Kanyhalos trader in Pripyat, and went to Dark Valley.
It was also hard to through pass the Bar and the Garbage.

I met a group of allied bandits and mercs advancing towards Pripyat. They were looting bodies when I noticed them. ... _radar.jpg

Darius6 has been break the law, and escaped to the Zone ... _darkv.jpg

Party with the bandits
As you can see the faction wars message fits into your actual faction ... _darkv.jpg

I hired a huge group of bandits in Dark Valley ... _darkv.jpg ... _darkv.jpg

We were going to help the Mercs in Agroprom against the soldiers ... _agrop.jpg

But we were too late ... _agrop.jpg

At least they could get rid of some soldiers
Then a blowout occured... ... _agrop.jpg


I joined military at Voronin.

They are well-experienced after one month ... _escap.jpg

Military stalker with AS Val ... _escap.jpg

We were really getting pissed off on the existence of the rookie village ... _escap.jpg ... _escap.jpg

Although we are the men of the law, but we don't see any problems if we loot their corpses ... _escap.jpg

We were going to wipe out the bandits from the carpark ... _escap.jpg

This Specnaz doesn't know what is mercy, he is an unemotial killer ... _escap.jpg


The Captain let us informed about a Military Stalker raid in Rostok WT ... _escap.jpg

We have been rescued few Ecologs, and tried to escort them to Red Forest. ... _milit.jpg ... _milit.jpg

But unfortunately almost all of us got killed at the Barrier by the Freedom warriors. ... _milit.jpg

The Red Forest was very dangerous, mutants and Monoliths blocked our way. ... _radar.jpg ... _radar.jpg ... _radar.jpg ... _radar.jpg ... _radar.jpg

We managed our way to Pripyat ... _pripy.jpg

I didn't see any reasons why should I stay at Military, so I decided to repair my relations against Freedom by Kanyhalos trader and joined them.
Svoboda 4EVA!

And I was going to Army Warehouses through Red Forest, but oh oh, I've seen how a bad choice was joining to Freedom

"Freedom squad! This is Duty Task Force Commander speaking! I command you to turn around and the get the hell outta here! You have no business in the center of the Zone!" ... _radar.jpg ... _radar.jpg


Wolfehunter's Freedom Force Squad

Sharing experiance with OL 2.2

Hello Stalkers I want to share a story with you and give you a taste of what its like playing OL 2.2 with factions wars.

Kanyhalos and OL team have put together an amazing mod that gives you players a chance to really enjoy the STALKER world. Its alive in a way you never experianced before.

I like Freedom so here is my expericance to share with you Stalkers... May your journeys in the zone be an adventure to die for.

Hello Lukash here is a report of LT Wolfehunter of the Freedom force.
Mission was successful with heavy casualties.
Both mission objectives are met.
Here is Wolfe’s PDA debriefing,

Freedom Commander Lukash has given me 6 men due to my experience of the zone. I also have help build up some connection dealing with Freedom members so they have given the base commander references.

Most of the men know me for supplying them with various quality goods. Sometimes I have to bribe Skinflint not to get upset because I sell at a lower price. He likes allot of vodka.

Lukash order is to take out a man located at Agroprom Research institute. Because of the distance and duty checkpoints plus stronghold at the bar we are to move as fast as possible. Avoid as much contact with duty within limits.

Personally I don’t care about the target but hey shit happens. I’ve informed my men about our difficult task and I promised if they survive some free goods that I have acquired from my journeys in the zone. I want to keep my men spirits up. ... _l07_m.jpg

Leaving that morning from Freedom base moving through the old ruined house we cleaned out the rebel duty guys giving Lukash some difficulties. Fortunately we had no casualties but some minor wounds from a stray grenade that missed us, thank the zone.

I scouted ahead in the bar district and found the duty checkpoint guarded lightly. I then waited for my men to arrive and we creamed those bastards. Dead Meat I kept on chanting....

We had our guns silenced and we hit them before they could raise the alarm.
We moved through the loner district to avoid duty contact.
Crossing paths was going to happen and I killed off the loner duty guy marching in the upper warehouse.
Major duty force at the south gate leaving the bar we had to use allot of grenades to finish them off. Man what a site seeing all those grenades tossed and all those bodies flying in pieces. I was so proud of my men.

Later that day I scouted toward the last uber Duty checkpoint and Heavily guarded. I started taking out as many as I could before my men catch up. I knew they wouldn’t stand a chance against a force like that. Using my Custom FN2000 I sniper them one by one till they found me dambit. I was under some serious fire then my men backed me up. Prays the zone luck they show up in time because I was getting nailed badly with the cross fire. We cleaned them up but I did lose a guy, Christ sake.

5 men now and we moved on to the old factory guarded by loners. All regulars but one experienced stalker was there. Just as we were leaving some small bandit force arrive and started taking out the loners. They saw us and avoided us figuring it wouldn’t be wise to fight at two fronts. I felt bad having to leave the loners fight it out alone but I had my men to consider and the mission.

Moving on to Agroprom.
That evening we finally reached the outskirts of the old research facility. Looks like a heavy battle has taken place before with multiple faction bodies littered about. Military was the main force assaulting with some bandits causing issues. Loners where fighting fiercely but didn’t make it. Found a few dogs and bloodsuckers corpses. My men started looting the bodies for goods. I let them since I told them to wait because I was scouting the compound for survivers. They’re dead anyways. We found a few useful items not to damaged by the zone. Just then one of my guys got snipered...Shit a solo merc left over by the last battle survived the bloodsucker onslaught. I finished him off with my knife for good measures. I stuck his head on a pole to show what happens to idiots taking on the freedom forces.

4 Men left we found the target bastard crying in a box car. Bitch was mumbling about something underground.. I put him out of his misery.
I called back Lukash about the successful mission with 2 casualties. He added a new secondary objective. I tried to protest because we were seriously outnumbers.
I told my men our new objectives. I told them to keep vigilant and stay shadowed. Dusk was already setting in. We could use this to our advantage. ... _l03_a.jpg

Unfortunately the military was ready for our assault. I lost one guys just breaking through the main side gate. 3 men left and we ran to a barrack and setup a defensive position on the roof. I told my men to keep their heads down and let them walk into the trap. But one guy lost it and ran, he didn’t make it far when his head exploded.
2 men left. We held out for a good while evening the odds abit. I figure it time to move to the large building for better cover from the sniper towers. We headed the back way when we crossed paths with a large reinforcements arrived. Heavy fire I killed them off but I lost my last two men. Base was cleansed out and I successfully completed the objective.

I manage to get back to the freedom base without any incident because I’m very good at stealth. I guess I will keep the promised goods for the next crew.
May the zone grant them some peace.

LT Wolfehunter signing out.

Lukash we should have Wolfehunter train his men first before we send them out on a risky mission in the future. His zone experience is exceptional we can’t afford to lose good men.

MAX out.

Stalkers goodluck

Thanks, i'll try and get a more relevant one ready sometime soon.

Sgt Doom

First off, my loadout:
FN2000 prototype, the one with the UFO on the scope (I call it the Unidentified Deadly Boomstick) with around 1500 AP rounds
A couple dozen M209s (is that the right name?) and 4 F1 nades
That Duty suit which is better than the SEVA suit (can't remember the name)
VSS Vintorez (500 SP-5 rounds)
Benelli Short (100 buckshot)
Kriss Super V (500 .45 Hydro-Shock)
Some very nice artefacts which bring my bullet protection to 97% total.

If you're wondering why I have so much ammo, it's because I modded the weight capacity as I absolutely cannot bear to leave stuff behind. One day i'll play with more realistic settings, but for now I enjoy having more ammo than most armies.

I do missions for everyone who gives them (except Sid, i've gotten all the recipes off him and done all the missions twice over [except for the Night Star mission, which is for much later]), leading to a situation where I am friendly with both Freedom and Duty, despite having to kill people from both factions.

So far, the only things i've been killing lately are mutants, zombies, mercs and bandits. But that was all about to change.

If there's one word that can describe Freedom snipers perfectly, it is "vegetables". In all the times i've played STALKER previously and mercilessly raped Freedom, not once have I had to worry about being shot by a Freedom sniper due to the simple fact they don't shoot. At all. Like they were out of ammo (or brainpower). It's like they're too busy watching the birds or masturbating to the bloodsuckers raping the 3 freedom guys in the village to do their job. So you can see how one Freedom sniper being the only barrier between Freedom base and a squad of rabid Duty juggernauts with a box of happy fun time dynamite is a bad thing.

Since the Freedom base is rather large, you could have a Chimera tear a poor dude to pieces at one end and nobody would give a damn. Which is how said freetard sniper gets his entrails forcibly evacuated. I never even knew the damn things were able to go up stairs. Well, after the sniper's grisly demise, the steroid-pumped Duty terminators jumped at the opportunity and blew their load at the walls. I, currently giving Lukash some ham at the time, heard the explosion and dismissed it as some mutant setting off a mine. Except, I realised a few seconds later it came from the wrong direction and in the silence following the detonation, gunfire filled the void. So I rush out of the building to see green dots becoming grey dots at a worrying rate. Realizing what had happened, I gave Screw that vodka he always wanted before a 9x39 round made his head do a rather convincing Swiss cheese impression.

Wiping the blood off my visor to see the carnage around me, I had to make a choice over who to side with. Noticing I had a rather large amount of ammo left and knowing the after-battle looting would undoubtedly add a considerable amount to that, mixed with a sense of artefact-blessed immunity and a bit too much vodka, I loaded my gun and decided "Meh, might as well kill 'em all."
Spinning to face the nearest Duty squaddie (whom I had reason to believe killed Screw), he was beamed to Scotty with my nade launcher. After a quick reload, I sent Max to follow him.

In a split second, it seemed as if Duty and Freedom had made a temporary telepathic truce in order to annihilate the traitorous bastard that was I. Noticing that the world had suddenly become a place filled with an uncomfortably large amount of bullets being fired in my direction, I jumped down from Screw's workshop to the path below. As if they had the patience of a 5 year old with ADHD, the fragile truce was shattered and they once again began filling the air with the melodic sounds of gunfire and explosions a comfortable distance away from myself. Spying a sniper perch free from Freedom, I evicted the somewhat grumpy Chimera with my Benelli and readied my Vintorez. At this point, the base was looking rather empty, so I finished off the stragglers with some 9x39 aspirin.

Despite the newly-formed graveyard spanning the base, I still heard gunfire coming from Lukash's house, which ended abruptly. Upon arrival, I was greeted by one of Freedom's own exosuit dreadnoughts, packing a rather nasty shotgun. A couple bullets to his face later. I walked up the stairs and found Lukash, alone. I said to him "Knife fight?" and he responded by shooting me.
Undeterred, I slash at him like a chav at a a car park with a great distaste for tyres.

With blood on the walls and a dead commander at my feet, I proceeded to loot everything and skip and jump merrily back to Barkeep, with a grin on my face and blood on my suit.


Faction War Task Merc Raid to a small Camp
Group: 2 Mercs with SEVA and 3 Mercs with Exo

"Report about the Raid - Part I"

"We found 5 or 6 bloodsuckers in that small town ... Damn blodsuckers , Just killed a 1 of our guys ... also a Mind Controler and zombificed 2 of our guys but we keep not shot to the zombified mercs since they're our guys and still human . We've clean the towns , no mutants left so we going back to base and 'heal' the wounded guys ."

"Report about the Raid - Part II"

"We going to start our raid agianst the Freedom camp but Ecologist saying the blowout will happan in a couple of hours but we don't care about it for now since there is alot of hideouts there.We'll left those Freedom Guys wounded and Radiation kill they."

"Report about Raid - Part III"

"We have to looting the Freedom Bodies to see if we get some kinda of Rare Artifacts and sell then to the Big Land . WolfHound Warned us about Burers in that Area . They can kill us with some kinda of Force Field or Mind Force Field but we can kill they with a RPG So we taking some RPG to kill Burers if they apear.Wolfhound was right , we take the burers with RPG's but a few Duty menber looted the bodies while WE were killing the damn Burers...Anyways , we only got bad luck"

OK so i did start a new game with the final version of OL 2.2

After i have been wander around and done some missions in Cordon, Garbage and Dark Valley, i went to the Bar in Rostok for some supplies and armor repair. Now it's time to head of to Agroprom and get the military case and look for Streloks hideout, i did help the stalkers to fight of the military and managed to get friendly with "Mole". I asked him if he wanted to join me and he agreed but told me he would cover the entrance to the underground facility, meanwhile i went down and killed some bandits that has there hideout down below and some military guys that was guarding the exit to the military HQ.

After i found Streloks hide out and killed some rats and a controller i went back the same way i came and joined up with "Mole" that did save my but from some soldiers when i got up from the underground. Now I and "Mole" is heading out from Agroprom and in to the Garbage to kill some more bandits before we take a well deserved rest at the Bar in Rostok with some Vodka and a tourist delight conserva.


Faction: Bandits

Crew Name: Volatile

Members: Dos (Two) not including myself.

Instead of hiring legions of followers, I decided to run down to Dark Valley, and hire the two lowliest bandits I could find. I outfitted them with Exosuits and FN2000's while I remained with my SEVA and LR300 Scoped.

Our main goal is to reclaim Dark Valley, Garbage, Cordon and Agropam from Military control and to harass Duty any chance we get. Unlike other bandits, we leave Loners alone unless we're fired upon and then we are like the wrath of God

Our first mission took us to the abandoned Barn House where a group of Stalkers have been killing unsuspecting Loners for loot with the promise of a fancy flash rifle that those Ecologist guys worked up and lost to the Monolith. You see, that kind of dirty work is left best for the Bandits and we can't have Loners rolling up on our territory doing stuff like that. So I, Sausage and Bacon (I renamed the ;P) set off in the dead of night to do dirty deeds in the dark.

When we're about 100 yards away, I spot the Loner who lures my victims in with promises of grandeur.. Head shot. He slumps to the ground, nobody hears a thing. I tell Sausage to wait at the entrance to the left, in case anyone decides to run away. Bacon and I head to the right, to surprise these loners from the rear. With nothing but the light of their campfire to guide us, Bacon and I take down two more.. Not a sound, no alarm.

Then Bacon, the gung ho idiot decides to throw a grenade into the barn. That was most definitely not the plan, but it worked out to our benefit anyway. 3 Loners were killed in the blast, 1 was wounded and two others met their end when they ran out of the barn, only to get killed by Sausage who was lying in wait. Since Sausage behaved and actually listened to orders, I let him execute the apparent leader of these deviant loners. After words, we looted the bodies and went back to our base where we celebrated the entire night with plenty of Vodka and shots fired into the air

Tomorrow is another day I told him.. Now we just have to get rid of the Duty and Military presence before we can move on to other territories and stake our claim to fame in the zone.


Raid Report IV

"Merc Trader want my for a job , he sayed to kill Mole and his group . I hired a few Mercs from my Camp and we were ready to go . We travel by Military Werehouses ,Killed a few dutier and Loners in Bar . We Wipe the Duty Outpost in Garbage and Helped the Bandits with the assault to Hangar Assault . We were in Agropom , searching Mole and His group but a blowout happen and we goed to Military Base ... We wipe all guys there but after blowout we didn't find Mole Group and Mole ... So we thick a little bit and we search near Strelok Hide (Not in underground) ... we find his Group and a Pack of bloodsuckers attacked my group and Mole Group...After we kill the bloodsukcers we lost Mole but his group got wiped...No1 knows what happen to Mole"

Ceano here we are, sitting around the campfire drinking vodka and telling story's about our adventures in the zone. It's me, wolf, vampire and two other stalkers that just have come down from the north. Suddenly a crazy old man comes running down the hill screaming and waiving his weapon, what the hell...I'm thinking. What doest that crazy old foul want, ranting about some damn decoder that i should have returned.

Well we filled him up with some vodka tills he fell a sleep, then we left him there and went to the bar for some refill and to listening on some music that the bar keeper always plays on his old radio. ... ld_man.jpg's the day after we was assaulted by the old foul in Army Warehouse, luckily for me some one did stole his weapon when he was at sleep after we did fill him up with vodka i shouldn't feel worried by being shot in the back. Now he keeps following me around like a shadow and muttering all kind of weird things, he keeps ranting about some decoder that i did borrow from him when i went up north last week...but hey i don't remember much after that trip.

Well maybe i did borrow it and i have totally forgotten both the decoder and this old foul that claims that i know him and that his name is Doc, i cant bother with this now...need to find some artefact's to sell so i can buy more ammo and repair my gear. If he still follows me around maybe i will start to remember things, well we will of for some artefact's. ... an_doc.jpg

Me and the old man that called him self "Doc" was ambushed by some bloodsuckers at Agroprom Institute, he ran away screaming like a girl...he...he..he. I shot the two bloodsucker right between there eye's and cut there jaws out, i know the scientist in Yantar is paying good money for them. ... uckers.jpg

It started to get dark and i had been warned about a blowout this evening from one of the stalkers at the Institute so i rather head down to my hide out in the catacombs, when i came down the first ladder i shot some bandits that had taken refuge there and went down the last stair to the catacombs. ... andits.jpg

But what the hell is this? there is that old foul again and he is climbing up to my secret hideout, how can he know about this place? If i didn't have this map that show the way to this place my self, i would never have remembered it after the trip up north. This calls for some real investigation and if i so have to beat it out of his bony ass i shall know what he knows! ... ry/doc.jpg


Anomalies for Dummies By Dr. Wolfehunter

I’ve heard the zone was a bad place. But I signed up for it to do my research project. I have to know if these rumours are true about manipulation and transmutation of artefacts. These report are absolutly facinating.

Now I’ve manage to get a chopper to the last known safe area before all hell breaks loose. Apparently Duty faction has a base deep into the zone which seems to be a safe area. Duty has contacts in the military so I didn’t have to pay of the commander too much.

That morning I got my gear ready and entered the chopper. Military guys were being briefed by their CO. I was concerned about the sensitive equipment being loaded to the chopper. I paid the men off and the pilot. It was a bonus.

Funny how you see the world high up in the sky, I can never get enough of the world’s beauty. I manage to see the last vestige of normal human world. Focusing on my Documents that my contacts have acquired through whatever ends, I was looking to decide which one would be first on my project.

Hmmm maybe inspiration will hit me later. I finally arrive at Duty base deep into the zone. My gear was going to be delivered at Yantar research base there. I tip the pilot and hoped his safe journey. I was actually hoping that my gear was to reach safety...

My old friend Professor Sakharov is stationed there doing research on the microwave emitter brain inducer. I can’t wait to surprise him went I reach his facility.

Duty commander was kind enough to load all the artefacts into the chopper so it will be at yantar when I arrive. He told me to see the bar guy for anything else I needed. The commander said there are some men waiting for me at Rostok 4 elite guys.

So far all is looking good. I finished up on my PDA report. A chopper is on its way to yantar and I’m going to get some security.

Leaving bar area I saw my first anomaly near a group of stalker loners. I used my detector but nothing. Hmmm not all anomalies seem to register. I better keep my eyes and ears open. I’ve heard they roam in some areas... I wonder how fast they move.. What guides there direction.. Is it the earth’s magnetic field? Thank fully this one is stable and stationary. Studying its pulse, the anomalies vortex is almost trying to draw me into the void.

Moving on I found the Duty guys at a camp site. I knew in there eye’s they’re laugh at me. Their thinking another idiot trying to figure out the zone using test tubes and beakers, well I’ll show these guys something special. I briefed the men. Their no ranks here but experience according to Vadya Magnete. He introduced me to his buddies Max Electrician a real technician, Zhenka Horned Owl he’s the scout and Roma Athlete the heavy gunner.

Valdya said that there is a merc base nearby and a bandit camp not far off. He ask me if I can shoot I said yes. I have my trusty Abakan Sniper rifle fitted for assault purposes. I also carried an Uzi for those close quarters. I’m experienced enough to shoot straight between the eyes when needed.

We fought our way through the merc camp and finished them off. Roma was wounded but I was able to stabilize the bleeding. He’ll be fine. Military have this nice new cocktail of stimulants to help speed up the healing.

Found a large loner camp later on. There was a lot of dog corpse litter about. Zhenka said they’ve been mutated by the zone over the years. I said they’re fascinating specimen to research on a pity I’m not studding them.. Mr. Horned Owl replied with a snappy comeback “They also find you fascinating specimen to chew on.”


Finally arrived at Yantar and it was a gloomy place. I was met by Roma Sheriff, Sakharov’s assistant waiting for me at the entrance. He was under equipped to be by himself and I could see that he was very scared alone but was relieve to see me and my men.

His words, “Dr. Wolfehunter welcome to yantar.” “I’m Dr. Sheriff, Sakharov sent me to meet you.” “The chopper and supplies are most welcomed.” “We need it badly.” “Last controller assault caused many of our equipment to fry.” “We also lost many men to the telekinetic cerebral reprogramming.”

We headed out to the Science base and saw the duty guys rummaging through the zombie bodies.

I also saw my equipment undamaged. I told Dr. Sheriff we had to start our project right away and I was told him your now my assistant for my remainder of this project. I equipped him better with a assault rifle and some med kits. I ask him where this Electro anomaly located is or the closes one. I’ve decide to try the tears of Electra recipes. Dr. Sheriff said there is one right of the base by the wall. I told the men to take a break and help heal up for a while.

Anyhow tomorrow is another day. I have to meet my old friend Dr. Sakharov and share some Vodka for old time’s sakes. ... _l08_y.jpg

Dr. Wolfehunter out.

Anomalies for Dummies By Dr. Wolfehunter

That evening I was talking with Sakharov and informed me on a lot of information about the zone. I made notes on the subjects and ask him about theories on anomalies and their relationship to the artefacts.

He believes there a spawns of matter forced into the vortex then a process of transmutation by the various type of artefacts stealing some of the anomalies properties and then by chance releasing it into the zone modified, unchanged or destroyed.

After a few swigs of vodka and some old time stories I went to see my assistant Dr. Sheriff. He was loading up the backpack with artefacts called droplets created by burner anomalies. I also was carrying a Crystal Soul and apparently can be used in electro anomalies and change into Fervent Soul artefact. Maybe I will try it for fun? ... _l08_y.jpg

Vadya men are ready for the task ahead and are actually looking for some action. We all check our gear to make sure everything working. All I need is one of our guys weapons jam and get mulled by a mutant. ... _l08_y.jpg

Heading to the location my assistant suggests I see no electro anomaly. I guess it has moved on.... I look to my assistant and I ask where is there one?

He believes two more west of the base into the swamp. He warns me that there are zombies and loads of snorks roaming. I reassured him why we have those guys armed to the teeth with heavy fire power over at the base entrance.

It’s already dark and I’m late for my research on the tears of Electra. Heading out with my small band we eliminate the zombies easily since most of them walk into a whirligig. How fascinating to see their bodies condense and implode at the vortex climax. Very interesting but we were plagued with snorks interfering with our camp setup. Finally I was tired of these guys shooting in the dark and doing really nothing. I took out my trusty Abakan sniper rifle and started popping heads off. The duty guys were impressed because of my accuracy at night. I told them to invest in better quality night vision gear. ... _l08_y.jpg

I wonder what caused these once men to change so much in the zone? Is it the zone or is it something else? Something we haven’t seen yet... Puzzling.

Camp now setup at midnight and now time to start my research. Testing my distance from the electro anomaly tossing bolts and screws into the area where it’s safe. ... _l08_y.jpg

Tear of Electra

One Droplet is required

I dropped the droplet into an electro anomaly and watch it slowly changing. Making note of its changes in my files my men are searching the bodies for loot and the zone for any other oddities. My assistant was checking the equipment making sure all is running fine. Two hours almost up and I started to see the final changes. Very excited about the finished results and I went to get it when it vaporized into dust.

To my disappointment this one was a failure. I made notes and started again. It was rejected. No change. I went to the second electro anomaly and added one in each. Regrettably again rejected and one changed to a cobblestone...

That day wasn’t so successful maybe tomorrow night will be better. My men and I headed back to base. At least they were happy to acquire something of value.

Wolfehunter signing out.

Anomalies for Dummies By Dr. Wolfehunter

While sleeping I awoke to hear an eerie sound in the distance followed by a still quietness I never felt before.
Then a large explosion from the distance with sirens blasting all-round followed by a gush of strong winds. I could barely hear Zhenka scream BLOWOUT. We ran to this underground drain that not only fit us but many loners also running from the blast.

The sensation was strange vibrating in my body. I almost felt my body being violated. Even the Universal Suit couldn’t stop this unusual breach.
Funny to see all the men huddled together scared shitless over a blast.

I’m starting to really feel uncomfortable here in the zone. The outside world has no idea what is really going on behind the walls. Even the military will shoot down any illegal’s going in or out. I believe I understand why. I feel that I will never be the same again now even if I make it back to the normal world I used to live in....

Blast is over and the men are returning to their normal events. I also want to finish this research with greater speed than before. Leaving the sanctity of the sewer pipe I was amazed to see the world look almost normal. ... _l08_y.jpg

Almost dark now and Vadya’s men are ready for another day in the zone guarding my work. I already headed to the research site working on a few projects today. ... _l08_y.jpg ... _l08_y.jpg

5 tears of Electra using electro anomaly and 2 hours wait.

1 Fervent Soul using electro anomaly and 3 hours wait.

2 Scales using whirligig anomaly and 3 hours wait.

2 Titan Kolobok using whirligig anomalies and 5 hours wait. ... _l08_y.jpg

Dr. Sheriff and I were monitoring the tests. Vadya men finished sweeping the area of rodents. He was on his way back when we all herd this high pitch ear busting sound that felt like it was ripping your head apart. I barely was able to hear someone saying a controller is attacking the science base. I ordered the men to help the defence. Dr. Sheriff went off screaming. I think he lost it.

I had a hard time focusing with that noise the controller makes. I then decided it’s the best interest of science that I see and learn what this mutant is all about. Running back to base I found allot of bodies. Some loners some zombies and some men had their brains wiped clean. One was Zhenka Horned Owl our scout. Roma Athlete was upset and cursing the zone. He said they were best friend and now he’s a vegetable. I ask where the controller body was. They said he left without a scratch. His assault was only a scouting mission to see our strengths were the statement from Duty Warrant Officer. The real assault will begin soon.

I can’t have this I argued. I need to finish my research. How many men did we lose I ask. 3 and 2 walked away as zombies. The other is Old Owl man below. I studied him for a few minutes and saw no conscious activities.

Vadya came up and shot him in the head. I ask him, why did you shoot him? I could have learnt what had happen. Max jump into Vadya defence in telling me that the only thing I would learn is how he would betray us in the next assault by the controller.

Realizing the morning my PDA was beeping with latest info on the tests. I ran back to the camp site for the results.
To my surprise the night was very successful in experiments. 2 out of 5 tears made and 3 destroyed. One Fervent soul created, 2 scales formed and 2 titan kolobok jumped out of the void.

I was very happy with the tests. ... _l08_y.jpg

That morning I talked with the Duty commander for an assault against the controller. He offered reinforcements to help the assault. Scientist where staying back as defence. I used some loners to clean the surround area from the abandon lab.

Warrant officer was ready with the men assault team moving in to the surface lab area. Loner gave the ok and we set off to hunt a Controller.
Arriving at the old lab there was bodies everywhere new and old. We moved in straight to the entrance of the underground lab. We felt the controller’s presence once we were in its field of influence. Then in the distance I saw its void. I used my grenade mount on my trusty Abakan sniper rifle. I saw all kind of bodies and debris blowing up like a mortar shower.

The controllers influence field ended with my blast and a memory to the scene of my old favourite film Scarface. The duty guys stood staring at me. I told them I can’t have my experiments damaged. Let move on and cleanse this area.

There wasn’t much left a few odd zombies and few more snorks roaming about. Dead Meat comes to mind...

Back at base I was already tire from the long night and now mid day. We all said our own prayers to the fallen and moved on. May the zone be merciful to the dead.

Wolfehunter crashing.


Well, now it's not exactly a story and it wasn't so long, but the bandits have been take the territory of the Military Outpost in Cordon, I watched the event with my binoculars.
They did not have too hard job to wipe the soldiers out, because I already killed a lot of them before the event happened. ... _escap.jpg

Well, I just felt it interesting.


So i was at the bar...when my friend come and said: "Lukash has a mission for us, he wants us to clear the road to Prypiat". I agreead ... l05ag3.jpg

Here we are a 4 man squad going to HELL ... l07bh5.jpg

We have managed to get to to entry of the Red Forrest, killed all enemy's in sight, and we have met 2 guys that were missing and took them with me ... l10fn1.jpg ... l10vy3.jpg

Until we got to the rod to Prypiat we had heavy loses...our squad now had only 2 man ... l10mx8.jpg ... l10xy2.jpg ... l10ri4.jpg (here my littel friend has a drink)

Lukash send a new squad...our new task was to get back to the base report about the mission ... l10qn4.jpg

We've got a bit of problem at the border and one man died ... l10qf2.jpg

A backup unit was waiting for us at the barrier if we had problems ... l07ex1.jpg

Finaly we got to the base...i managed to get a new suit and Lukash told us "New mission, rip off the Duty at the bar" ... l07ih2.jpg

We had to move right away...but on the rod other man got killed ... l07lr9.jpg ... l07yn2.jpg

So we managed to get rid off the Duty...and we drink a bit ... l05tz0.jpg ... l05gq8.jpg ... l05sf7.jpg

Next we moved to the Duty outpost at the garbage only in 3 man have made it there the exit because we were a little bit drunk...and a pack of dogs atacked us...we've killed our own grenadier ... l05nt5.jpg

The Duty outpost was over run...we managed to bring our mission to good end...but when we were hugging a Duty guy killed an other one of us... ... l02et9.jpg

Then i got to Sid...he was dieing to see me ... l01uv6.jpg
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