Balious's Thread

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Balious's Thread

Postby Balious on 28 Sep 2008 19:35

Basically this is a thread where i will post my pictures and stories from deep in the zone. And i will also like to say im using NEWSA on patch 1.0004.

I was going through a walk in Dark Valley when i happen to come to across an unusual site.

It was the duty guy Bullet with a bandit. It looked like Bullet had caught one.

As i approached them Bullet had whacked the bandit and sent him to the floor.

After being told they were taking Bullet's friend to the factory Bullet quickly asked me for help which i gladly accepted. After rescuing him from the bandits i found out the most unusual thing i never thought i encounter in the zone.

Someone with my name. What does this mean? I should keep an eye on him but i would rather get out of Dark Valley as soon as i can.

The End! for now.

I will add more screenshots to the story but i didnt have time to take them earlier as i was busy.

After a tough battle with a snork i had finally took him down while he was leaping at me. As he hit the floor he hit a crate and from such force his arm got stuck in part of it:

Also guys please dont ask how this happened:

And thats it from me for now.
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Postby Balious on 07 Nov 2008 18:12

I have now got more pictures! here they are in a sort of journal.

This is what happened after I had gone pass the bridge in Cordon.

A load of dogs had charged at me while I was loading my gun

They all scattered so I decided to chase a few

Boars trying to ambush me

I decided to check the place that takes you to Garbage from Cordon and found out it had been attacked by dogs so I decided to check up on the members of the place.

Here is one of the members in the corner

Here is another member having a walk in the building

Here is the leader of the checkpoint to Garbage

On my entrance to Garbage I found more dogs. I guess they want to take over the zone

I headed towards the bar and upon my arrival at the checkpoint I noticed a lot of mutant corpses

I also noticed at the checkpoint that the duty were leaving and heading for the area the bandits normally hang out at

I thought this could only mean one thing. An Assault

I was right after a while the duty won with no casualties.

I suppose this is what duty think of bandits making them die so close together

All the duty members headed back to the checkpoint and continue their normal job but one person didn’t

I suppose he was checking the bodies and making sure there are no more bandits around to report the attack

I walked up to him and asked what he was doing

On my way back to the duty checkpoint I heard loud noises not far away so I decided to check it out.

Upon going to the forest all I saw was this

Nothing else happened so I left the area.

I noticed a body up ahead on return to the checkpoint

I decided to check it out.

When I looked at whom it was I was surprised to see it was the duty guy I rescued back in the Dark Valley

I found Bullet back at the checkpoint chilling staring at a flesh

He looked quite upset that his partner died.

I asked him if he knew anything about his partner but all I got out of him was some things I did not understand

I decided to move on and enter the Bar

Everything all of a sudden went red and I quickly looked around to see what the cause was

It was a Dwarf

There was lots of things going on at the Bar. One of them being dogs attacking the duty outpost
I went into the 100 Rads Bar and spoke to the barkeep who asked me if I had the documents yet

Bar was under attacked and I went outside to fight the coming horde but I could not find one person to kill.

I looked around and found a few dead bodies expecting them to be bandits I checked their bodies for supplies I could use but instead of bandits I found military

I found a dead body in the arena part and hoped it was not Arnie.

When I checked the body it was him

Will post more when i can. What does everyone think of these? Let me know and what i could improve on if they seem crap.

Forgot one picture to add

Chasing Dog with knife
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Postby Nightwatch on 07 Nov 2008 23:05

Thank you for posting these very entertaining and interesting pictures. They tell a lot of stories. Very good pictures, and I'm not saying this just for politeness; because they're really good. :thumbright:

If you want to improve your photographs (there's never end for improvement even for the best professional photographers), a couple of humble pointers I can offer you may also consider posting -additionally- some close up action scenes and dramatic looking scenery, like fog and things seen through the fog, rain, or pictures under warm crimson like lighting conditions.
Try to figure out -depends for every object- which angles provide the best shot (photo) of any object, person or scenery.

Action photos are difficult, get ready to get killed while taking close-up photos. LOL :) Timing is difficult, you'd need to take several pictures in order to grab the best one.

Try to compose your pictures in a way that they show (tell) all the story that you want on that single frame of photo. Key words are always: lighting and angles... and grabbing the movement.

also, open up your pictures with Microsoft Picture Editor (it comes with Windows on every PC) and press on the top right hand button: auto-correction. It'll correct the pictures for better visual for web sites. You see my ACP picture on my thread, MS corrected before I posted it. So it comes clearer on the browser.
You'll be a pro-photographer in no time (and you wont'be sorry, there're many beautiful models to be photographed) :)
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Postby Balious on 07 Nov 2008 23:58

Thank you nightwatch for your comments and also thank you for the pointers :)

I try and post as many up close encounters as much as possible.
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Postby Balious on 09 Nov 2008 01:15

Nightwatch i can't seem to find that file your talking about.

And here is another entry in my journal

Continued Journal

During my wonders in the Bar I met up with a fellow duty member called Sanyok

I went into the 100 Rads Bar to find the entrance empty

I decided to do my usual business in the 100 Rads Bar of getting supplies and left.

It was getting dark so I rushed off to find a place to stay so I wondered to find one of the loner camps in the duty base.

I found one and I looked at who was there and their attention seemed to be else where instead of me

The sky had started to change colour and everyone rushed to safe places lucky me being stuck with these guys

Everything just went white I thought the world had ended

Then everything went back to normal. I thought we all would have died. Someone decided to go outside

Then everything all of a sudden went black

There was little light I could barely see then all of a sudden I saw what looked like a zombie appear out of nowhere and walk towards me

It slowly got close to me trying to say something to me but I could not make out what it was saying

Then it just disappeared.

Things returned to normal and it was night time when someone was asking for help on the chatter

Seeing as it was at the south checkpoint I could not make it there and thought someone else would go save them (due to me having that bug crash that happens if you cross that line).

I decided to wonder outside for a bit to think before I went to sleep when I noticed something in the distance

I could not find the cause and thought it was what was left of the military trying to escape but end up dying.

During my walk I noticed the dead bodies from the battle were still lying around

I thought daytime would be best to go through Wild Territory but I was well rested and could not sleep so I decided it was time to march there.

On my way there I had four snipers trying to kill me and I just reached to the last one

I turned my night vision on to see him clearer and got my knife out going to finish him off

I watched the blood of him splatter across the floor as he lays still

There was a battle going on as night slowly turned into day. There were scientists needing my help and I came across another merc trying to snipe me so I took the job on killing him myself

End of Journal (also end of this save as I’m restarting from bar again to get my rocket)

*loads back to bar for blowout*
I took the time in having one of those I couldn’t help it moments during the blowout at bar

This was the result

Also everyone dies at least once in a game and I just can’t have those boring deaths I need to have cool ones and therefore heres my cool death

I hope everyone liked it any comments?
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Postby Nightwatch on 09 Nov 2008 02:44

Very nice pictures. It's story-telling through pictures. Stalker behind the campfier during blowout and the close-up zombie are among the best ones. Keep up the good photo-taking. :)

Well, about the Microsoft Picture Manager, I think I made a mistake there when saying that it comes with every PC, sorry, it doesn't. It comes with every Microsoft Office Program. As I guess you don't have Microsoft Office, then you can get a very good FREE picture editor which also can deal with icons as well. It's called; IrfanView, it's very useful program, there are add-on available, FREE again so you can even watch many video formats, too.

This is the link:

it's a well known program in the industry.

Open your pictures with it, on the Image tab you can choose "Adjust Colors" and click. It automatically adjusts them, also ofefrs very many editing abilities, too; you'll see. :)
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Postby busetibi on 09 Nov 2008 14:23

Balious get some better artifacts on your belt, you should be looking for Pellicles, and throw your mama beads into an electro anomaly for nine hours (use the underground carpark in WT)
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Postby Balious on 09 Nov 2008 18:11

Thanks for the advice on artifacts busetibi. I try and get those artifacts as soon as i can.
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Postby jamie1992 on 09 Nov 2008 18:48

I myself never find any use for artifacts at all, im still waiting for Nightwatch to make more difficulty. :P
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Re: Balious's Thread

Postby Balious on 15 Apr 2009 01:59

The Journal of a Stalker
Part One
It’s a tough life in the zone. Especially for me as the Military want me dead more then anyone else. I had Military trying to set up positions to ambush me, helicopters patrolling all over the place 24/7 and hell they even being invading the village to find me. Before I had gone to the zone my life was a mess. I am a wanted man. I had committed no crime but I was framed. I had apparently killed five thousand people including the president of the united states Obama. Now I am the worlds most wanted man but there are a few who are helping me, protecting me and to find out who framed me. I was told of a life I could escape to, to relax and enjoy life once more. They said go to Chernobyl which was somewhere in Ukraine. They told me no one would think to look for me there, how wrong they were. I did some research of my own before I arrived and found out Stalkers or mercenaries in another term go there to live their life of finding artefacts and selling them to get rich and other reasons. I figured I go with it and here I am. What went wrong I always wondered to myself. I have entered a nightmare. So far I have met Loners who are Stalkers that live their life as a usual job to find artefacts and other rare things:

I have also met Bandits who as I would think just rob people and are just criminals:

I have met the Military who want me good as dead along with the rest of the world:

I have also met a few Mercs as well:

I don’t know much about the Mercs right now but I be sure to write them here when I get the chance.

When I first entered the zone I was to make contact with Wolf:

He was the leader of the Rookie village and he had planned travelling up north deeper into the zone when the village could look after itself.

And so I lived my life in the zone. I have been hunting Boars, Dogs, Fleshes and other different kinds of Mutants.

Boars are what you would think they are:

Dogs are the usual ones you find but are blind:

Fleshes are ugly looking things that only hunt when they are hungry:
I would go on to explaining these Mutants more and the others but I don’t have much time right now as I am currently hiding from the Military helicopters and they won’t go away.

There has been lots of action in Cordon such as the battle for Rookie village, hiding and running from helicopters and hunting. Rookie village has been in a hell of a mess:

But I can’t stay there forever so I did what I could and moved further on. Just before I left there was only two survivors, an experienced Loner called Gena and the rookie I saved earlier from the bandits Nimble:

But as I was leaving the village a miracle happened. Reinforcements had arrived:

Oh crap they found me! I be back later with more!

End of Part One

Anyone like this?
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Re: Balious's Thread

Postby Balious on 03 May 2009 21:41

Part Two
Im back after a long run and hide against the helicopters:

Anyway where was I? Ah yes explaining the zone. How can one explain it without witnessing it for themselves? There are strange things here which can only be explained from seeing it yourself. Every creature here is part of nature and have routines just like us humans. Here is a Flesh I sneaked up on resting:

The weather here is very strange as it occurs from thunder storms to rain to sunny days to something we call here a Blowout. A Blowout is a radioactive storm that’s deadly poison and could kill anyone that stays out in it. Most safe places are buildings with a secured roof undamaged roof but not all seem to work. The best place is to be underground while one is going on. Blowouts in Cordon seem quite weak but as you travel further north they get more deadly.

On to other news I had enter Agroprom to steal some documents from the Military. Risky yes but hey I am a wanted man and no matter where I go I will be in danger. I had arrived at the entrance scouting on how many troops were there:

I couldn’t see many guards at the entrance but I did see one go off somewhere else maybe to have a smoke or have a secret stash who knows:

An unusual thing occurred during my time in Agroprom too. I had encountered a dead Merc most likely a scout for what may be a big raid on the Military base:

I hadn’t encountered any other Merc and didn’t think much else of it. So I entered the base and after a long fight against the Military with each one getting a bullet from my shotgun it was over:

So I took the documents and headed straight back into Cordon before any more Military or even Mercs arrived. I now have to take the documents all the way to Bar which I believe is north of Garbage from what I been told by Sid. And so my long rest at the Entrance to Garbage waiting for the perfect moment to run all the way across. I was waiting and found out a few Dogs from Garbage trying to rush pass the outpost but they all end up dead:

As I was resting for my march to the Bar I decided to get some information from the Loners around on the Barman and found out a few interesting things:

He may know a lot of things no other Loner may know. It was soon time to go so I end it here for now.

End Of Part Two.

Thats my part two of the journal done.
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Re: Balious's Thread

Postby Nightwatch on 09 May 2009 02:46

Quite a colourful depiction of events, and very well supported with pictures. It was pleasure to read. =D>
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Re: Balious's Thread

Postby Balious on 19 Jan 2010 15:23

Thanks Nightwatch :mozilla_smile:
Here are some screenshots from my latest game.

Cordon Collection
Its fun to watch the birds:

I hate to die like this Bandit:

Its mad and looking right at me:

This is going to hurt I just know it will:

Funny seeing it like this:

It's a Blue Night:

Perfect View of the Moon:

That Zombie's head must feel like hell:

Fox Stood No Chance:

Dying sure is fun:

Agro Collection
A Zombie to Kill:

How Many Zombies do I need to kill?:

I actually think this picture looks great for a death one:

The Helicopter crashes right where I wanted it to:

Doesn't Look like anyone survived:

Don't you just love big Explosions?:

Bar Collection:
I get welcomed by a Dog:

Everyone is all on alert always watching their backs like this Loner:

Wolf wonders through the Bar:

Prapor is on duty of patroling the Bar:

Military sure are hated here:

Insane Monolith:

Who can stop this Monolith?:
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