Level Populator Yantar Showcase

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Level Populator Yantar Showcase

Postby NhojisDEAD on 31 Jul 2017 05:58

A showcase of a mod that I am working, no name for the mod yet(recommendations welcome). The goal of the mod is to make the levels a bit more interesting by adding additional mutants( with some having their own abilities) and potentially a few anomalies. As of right now the mod is still very much in development, and while much of the base mod is finished, it may take a while for a proper release.

Additional mods used as a base:
Zone Reclamation Project
Absolute Nature
Absolute Structures
Stalker Weather Overhaul

The restoration of zombies, burers, karliks, karlitos, the old controller model, running controllers, rats, plague/parasite zombies, korpus, cats, and izloms
A functional mutant spawning and respawning mechanic.
Scripted behaviors for some mutants(zombifying for controllers, a weak ranged attack for karliks, etc.).
Equipable psy protection devices(now only protect against 30-15% of psy based damage).
Some(minor) changes to the balistics.
Three new (one of a kind)artifacts.
Add two anomalies: Rakker and Lift
-Rakker:Appearance akin to the build-era springboard, deals psy damage.
-Lift:Relatively harmless build-era anomaly that disables gravity within a small area.
The addition of artifacts appropriate to the anomalies.
The inclusion of a blowout/emission system.
-Add mutant spawns that follow said emissions.
-Add artifact spawns in appropriate areas.
-Zombify npcs caught out of cover.
A simple base attack system.
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Re: Level Populator Yantar Showcase

Postby rockingmtranch on 31 Jul 2017 18:26

The Youtube looks great. Good job :-bd
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